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    I like dunking saltine crackers in my chili or just eating them plain
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    crackers are good, big fan
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    man white oppression strikes again

    when will our misery end
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    For shame @Covfefe Christmas, you should be grateful white allies even take time out of their day to acknowledge that racism is bad, and instead all you have for them is slurs!
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    please do remember not to bully OSS in the comments, thanks.
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    Covfefe Christmas is a homophobe
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    I was shaken.
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    not really
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    dont u look like a fool now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre
    ok for real tho fuck oss
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    ok for real tho fuck oss
    Updated 02-05-2018 at 08:51 PM by Andre
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    I take that as a yes
    @OldSchoolerSimpsons let this beta bitch have it
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    but we can criticize andre right?
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    Andre is a homophobe