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    Eh, kinda limp way 2 go out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinselled Jim
    good post tbh
    Quote Originally Posted by Nitsy
    torrens is not wrong
    #So progressive #13.5
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    torrens is not wrong
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    excuse you
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    good post tbh
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    Leave her alone.
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    who'd want to shack up with her?
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    starbucks coffee sucks
    its acidic as fuck
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    So much for the tolerant left
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    fuck u i worked hard on mine
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    time to resign - again!
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    He'll be asking strangers on the internet to 'Gimme your girlfriend's' at this rate, the creep!
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    damn sure got me
    @OldSchoolerSimpsons truly is the bigger person
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    Ryan is a homophobe
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    who the hell wants to put in some random letters into the webbrowser when they can't ctrl + c
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