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  1. Ryan's Avatar
    hells yea good work
  2. Sam's Avatar
    I'm right here.
  3. tyler's Avatar
    o shit a valuable blog. Bookmarkd
  4. sonic dvd 4 the sega cd's Avatar
    thxs bby
  5. Exordium's Avatar
    this was a good series
  6. Exordium's Avatar
    pokes at dead blog
  7. goodfella's Avatar
    that's a fine welcome there sam
  8. Sam's Avatar
    fuck off jim
  9. goodfella's Avatar
    the switzerland of 'merica? this place looks incredible, would consider moving and becoming pennsylvanianish
  10. pilcrow's Avatar
    thank you all for sharing your Jim Thorpes in the comments
  11. Ryan's Avatar
    I attended Jim Thorpe Elementary School once
  12. Andre's Avatar
    I'm sorry that was uncalled for
  13. Andre's Avatar
    Jim Thorpe was like one of the first native American football players and played for the canton bulldogs u fucking stupid asshat
  14. Exordium's Avatar
    ....That's quite a hand.
  15. Sam's Avatar
    literally 0/10
  16. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    Still a lame way to fill out the Blog Every Day Quota
    Tomorrow better be good
  17. Andre's Avatar
    Sick ram emoji
  18. Ryan's Avatar
  19. tyler's Avatar
    im foose
  20. Ryan's Avatar
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