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    barry bostwick is watching a test of BIG FAT LIAR THE GAME. then he goes VIDEO GAMES ARE SHIT AND I DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE GOOD!!! I REALLY WANT TO BE PRESIDENT OF THIS COMPANY!! GRR!!! gotta love the ol Exposition Rant. barry bostwick are previously stated is really old too, he should be more concerned with Retiring than being president.
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    kevin makes the taxi go straight to Barry Bostwick's Tech Company instead of like a shitty motel or something where some secretary guy turns them away. looks like its time to use up a good chunk of money on that card again and fly back to ohio or wherever. but nope he sees a pizza delivery guy and then Enters the building dressed as a pizza delivery guy with pizza. what did he just mug the dude, if so he should be in jail. the same secretary is apparently blind and says YEA GO ON UP. what a trickster he is... but then we see becca just crawls on past the dude anyway. why not do that instead of Murdering a poor pizza boi. this movie is cruel i say.
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    after many gratuitous shots of san francisco landmarks (because i guess it's illegal not to have gratuitous landmark shots in a movie when characters Travel) we see kevin exit a store with a new phone and enter a taxi and he gestures to the credit card and goes THANKS DAD! guess this credit card is gonna have Infinity money and also probably bankrupt his family which is just him and his dad from what it seems. cool stuff. excited for Big Fat Liar 3 when they are homeless in 2029
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    kevin is like I WILL SEE HIM IN PERSON BECAUSE HE WILL NOT TALK TO ME ON THE PHONE!! so he and becca fly to San Francisco using his dumb dad's credit card. this dad should prob murder his son. not like kevin has a chance of getting to see barry bostwick in person he will just get turned away again. hope he flies off the golden gate bridge.
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    kevin and becca are now in his room and they phone up barry bostwick's company and he immediately starts to rant U STOLE MY GAME!! and they hang up and he gets all indignant. this Child is a moron, what was he expecting.
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    next scene at Kevin's Home kevin's dad is like Kevin u are such a liar barry bostwick did not steal your game i cannot trust my own son this is so sad. then he leaves the house and is like K im going to new york for 3 days heres my credit card have fun!!! talk about moodswings. also don't give your lying son your credit card. extremely stupid
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    kevin Hacks into the computer by typing in some random code (lol) and starts chatting with Becca over text who shows him barry bostwick's company has released a game called BIG FAT LIAR. he flips shit but honestly i just find it funny that this movie expects me to believe these Bricks for computers have the capacity to text iphones just because he typed some random hacking code gibberish.
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    okay these computers were funny in fat albert. but in a 2017 movie just lol. also when it cuts to a shot of the other students it is Very obvious that the screens are all blank. literally can't even get an A for effort.
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    exterior shot of the school with the sign having a huge SUMMER SCHOOL NOW IN SESSION sign draped over it. way to make it obvious. a newspaper blows by and we freeze on it and we see it has articles such as "METEOROLOGISTS PREDICT BEST SUMMER EVER" and "WATER PARK OPENS WITH TWO WEEKS FREE". very subtle.
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    kevin goes to the teacher and retells his story and the teachers like NO!!! I dONOT BELIEVE U KEVIN. SUMMER SCHOOL FOR U!! and it cuts to kevin doing an OH CRAP face bafflingly set to the good bad & the ugly theme. what.
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    kevin starts yakking about how He wrote a video game too for his social studies class and gives it to barry bostwick and barry bostwick is like Hmm This is Great even though its just doodles and words and also written by like a 16 year old. and then when they get to school barry bostwick pushes him out of the car onto the ground and then the limo drives off with his assignment. is barry bostwick not like 75. he shouldn't have this much Brute Force.
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    the limo driver slams into kevin and somehow this attracts a Crowd of people who snap photos and when kevin sees this he starts faking injuries and they Gasp at him. no you morons, you just saw this guy was fine. also this crowd came out of nowhere. wtf. anyway he gets let in the car to be driven to school and barry bostwick Bitches & Moans. this will surely lead to hijinks.
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    we see barry bostwick in a limo yakkin on the phone about how great he is and how much he loves being in the video game industry. the limo driver is like HEY BARRY BOSTWICK IVE GOT A GREAT IDEA FOR A GAME and barry bostwick rolls up the dividing window, and he's clearly meant to be an asshole but nah this limo driver shouldnt just be blabberin about his almost certainly shit ideas to bigwigs. i'm with barry on this one.
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    so then at home hes Conversing with his good pal becca at her house over walkie talkies like he is a 3 year old, then he starts writing an essay and falls asleep. then he wakes up and hes LATE FOR SCHOOL AGAIN aha. he gets up and rushes to get to his car only for the car to have no wheels and a note saying NO CAR LOVE DAD. doesn't this seem like a bit of a disproportionate punishment since he Needs the car to get to school. eh whatever. he rushes on his Bike to school like a pleb.
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    the teacher Appears in gym class and is like KEVIN COME 2 MY CLASSROOM. then we see them in class and the teacher has busted him for Plagiarism, but because she ran his essay through something called ICOMPARE. just use google. this fancy program is useless u know. kevins dad is there and is like U ARE BANNED FROM THE INTERNET AND TECHNOLOGY and the teachers like IF U DONT HAND IN AN ASSIGNMENT FOR TOMORROW U WILL GO TO SUMMER SCHOOL!!! so he finally got caught in a Lie eh and its something as stupid as this. all his other lies are insanely dumb as well. people should not be falling for them too.
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    the gal from earlier is hangin out with him in the cafeteria (whose name is revealed as BECCA wowie) and shes like I KNOW U DIDNT WRITE THAT PAPER BASED ON THE FACT THAT WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS FROM 3RD GRADE ow the exposition has injured me in the face. then she goes WHAT IF TEACHER IS NOT KIDDING ABOUT CALLING UR FATHER and he goes I HAVE A PLAN and we get a scene where the teacher calls up the dad but the call goes to kevin's phone and he hits a Change To Low Pitch button and says YEA HE WROTE IT HE IS NOT LYING and then hangs up on the teacher. literally what. u cant sound older by lowering pitch. that really doesnt work. also why does he have a change to low pitch button. stupid. no one would have that. thumbs down.
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    next scene in the cafeteria we get a hilarious voice over the intercom describing the Mush the cafeteria is serving. hahaha school cafeterias serving Bad Food, please everyone give a huge round of applause for this funny as hell komadi. have never heard those jokes before. truly i am doubled over
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    cut to the end of the class. the teacher goes KEVIN CAN I SEE U!! and the teachers like IM GONNA CALL UR DAD TO CONFIRM U WROTE THIS. the teacher bizarrely blows a line when she says "im sure ur fathers interested in ur education of course", she like Hesitates after she says "i'm sure..." and i guess this movie didnt have the budget for another take.
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    he says to the gal I WILL NOT GET CAUGHT AT LEAST NOT TODAY and flashes a cheesyass grin and hands in his assignment. so like he is definitely gonna be busted for plagiarism right? the teacher is shown to be Skeptical of him so if she doesn't google a paragraph of his shit and find out its all from the Web she should be fired into the ocean.
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    so he walks into class and the teacher goes "ur late BUB" and he goes "i was helping the principal on High Level Security which i cannot disclose to u" and he sits next to some gal who goes "one of these days ur gonna get caught!!" wait are you telling me he does stupid shit like this all the time and doesn't get caught. in all honesty if the people of this DTV Movie Universe are so dumb that they can't catch him in his extremely bad lies he probably should be getting away with them. teach them a thing or two.