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    the limo driver from earlier picks up barry bostwick at his home and then drives Very fast and barry bostwick gets scared. sickest revenge ive ever seen. i guess if u want barry bostwick's shit all over the back of your van.
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    in their hotel room kevin goes I GIVE UP BARRY BOSTWICK HAS WON, I SHALL NO LONGER TELL LIES. then PENNY WISE appears as they walk into the lobby and is like Let us get revenge on Barry Bostwick. so i guess that was a pointless scene.
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    PENNY WISE says to bostwick "this is a new low for u!!" so i was right. shes gonna be a good guy. did u know the actress playing her is named Fiona Vroom. thats a funny name.
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    the company president Plays the game on his phone and he just taps like mad and we're supposed to believe this is playing. this movie is the wizard of 2017. the company president approves of the game now aint that great. but then barry bostwick says I AINT HONORING UR DEAL and kevin goes Ur a big fat liar!!! like the title of the movie. only that was the first movie. so wtf. he should say Im a big fat liar, but u are a big fat liar 2!!
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    barry bostwick realizes the Error of his ways after his freakout goes viral. he then lets kevin and becca into his office and says If U Fix The Game I Will Call Ur Dad. then during an amazing montage set to some stupid unfitting song we see kevin type like mad, and then type like mad some more. its so riveting like my god. we also see some footage of Big Fat Liar The Game and it's like flash game quality, you just catch some bombs being thrown from a roof. its a fukin Kaboom ripoff. why is this game worth Saving, throw this shit in the trash, no one would play it.
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    kevin and becca make some energy drink full of ghost peppers and as barry bostwick is about to go on tv to promote a game (now with weird af makeup covering his White Face) they give it to the tv director who gives it to barry bostwick who is now On The Air. barry bostwick protests and says he didnt ask for a drink. but then he drinks it anyway and freaks out on air. why would he drink some shady drink that he didn't ask for? he then yells WATER and fills his mouth with all kinds of shit offstage including mayo. now thats just repulsive.
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    kevin and becca are waiting for barry bostwick and go like Fuck u and then his car gets towed away. then he rushes to work with his bizarre face. he shows the company president the game only it sucks and crashes and the company president is like Fuck this shit if this game aint done by tomorrow ur FIRED. oh no surely this will result in more hijinks.
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    in the next scene barry bostwick goes to get his car and its full of Graffiti. then he drives his shitty car to the Wrong address i guess because of a hack and its some seedy club playing loud music full of thugs straight oughta the 80s. some thug is like Fuck u. and then barry bostwick gives a bizarre speech about how we all need to be tolerant. like it literally has triumphant usa horn music. what actually prompted this. came out of fucking nowhere. then he gets thrown out. did the movie's mind briefly melt.
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    becca and kevin were watching barry bostwicks Escapade thru binoculars (guess they somehow knew the exact location some rando would back into his car) and beccas like Lets go home i feel so bad about lying and kevin gives some sob story about his mom being Dead as fuck and thats why he lies BORING ZZZ skippin this shit but not really because it lasts super short but i need more barry bostwick shenanigans
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    barry bostwick drives down san francisco with his shitty car blaring music and some dude is like EY SHUT THE FUCK UP and backs into it. then a cop comes over and barry bostwick is like DID U SEE THAT and the cop takes him for a threat and tazes him like mad and barry bostwick makes an absurd amount of fake tazer noises. also when an old man gets tazed they prob die. so barry bostwick is dead.
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    the next morning barry bostwick wakes up and then theres an extremely funny joke about him taking a really long pee. then he looks in the mirror and his face has been coated with white die and his hair is purple and he shrieks. but he still gets ready to go to work he just puts on a Cap. like no dude that aint gonna hide the fact that ur face is unnaturally white. then he gets into his car and theyve hacked his car so that its always Honking and wiping the windows and playing loud music. how tf did they hack a car.
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    kevin/becca/the limo driver all hide as barry bostwick goes about his routine. he makes some gross smoothie and then leaves without drinking it. so then they pour Drugs in it. lol. then later he drinks it and goes to work out on a treadmill and passes out and is Thrown off of it humorously. prob ODd and died. rip.
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    so kevin becca and The Limo Driver break into barry bostwick's house while he's not there. they log onto his computer and theres a bizarre joke where its revealed barry bostwick has downloaded every episode of my little pony and then the limo driver is like Hell yea that show is LIT. guess this movie wants bronies to enjoy it or something. then its revealed barry bostwick does drugs or something. then barry bostwick arrives home. hijinks will surely ensue.
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    barry bostwick is at work and hes like THIS GAME BETTER BE READY SOON and refers to the developers as Short Buses. rude af. and then he storms out while making PENNY WISE do overtime or something. he leaves and she gets mad at him. so i guess by the end of this she will be on the good guy side. idk maybe.
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    the limo driver reveals he designed some Kitchenry for barry bostwick and then barry bostwick stole it and now hes like I will join your crusade to take down barry bostwick. so i guess now we gotta deal with the russian accent. great fabulous amazing.
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    Argh a scene where barry bostwick is nude in the shower. we see a Dangerous amount of the guy too. good thing we then cut to kevin & becca in a limo drivin across the golden gate bridge. they dont fall off but instead the bank calls kevin and kevins like Yea im mr wolf and rich af. then the limo driver reveals he works for barry bostwick's company and he has caught them in their game and also he speaks in a very bad russian accent. lol
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    kevin goes THIS AINT OVER and reveals he somehow hacked into barry bostwick's phone and now has his addresses and credit card numbers so they go on a Very Expensive Shopping Spree that takes a very long time. but hey we get some more gratuitous san francisco shots. then they go the hotel and have a Sexy pillow fight. very necessary scenes says i.
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    but the important part is kevin gets through. kevin is like CALL MY DAD AND TELL HIM I TOLD THE TRUTH which is a dumb as fuck reason to travel to a different state and yell at a guy. barry bostwick goes fuck u u know why i stole the game and has him thrown out. why did he though. he couldve just paid this kid 10 dollars and given him credit and that'd be enough. this has little to do with helping him be president of this company.
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    o god becca Phones up PENNY WISE using that god dam Pitch Chenge app to pose as her date. Pitch Chenge can not make a teenage girl sound like a grown man, it's not possible. also she's posing as someone she just went on a date with. PENNY WISE should know how this dude sounds, which is surely like a Human and not a warbling monstrosity. i am gonna cri at this movie that no one has seen. hope u appreciate my god dam sacrifice.
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    kevin is still dressed like a Pizzadude and tries to get into barry bostwick's office but his Executive Assistant (who is Zanily named PENNY WISE) goes "u can give the pizza to me and i will deliver it". oh no he is so screwed now. he texts becca and she looks PENNY WISE up only to discover she has a profile on CYBERDATETODAY.COM which is surely no TINDERPC.COM