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  1. The Goode Family's Avatar
    woody approaches the two nasty stereotypical redneck poachers and starts taunting them and they shoot at him although they have the slowest guns of all time just so woody can get his crappy Witticisms in as the bullets fly. why would poachers own such terrible guns. they probably arent good at gunnin down animals if the bullets are snaillike...
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    we hear gunshots and woody faces the camera and goes UHOH BETTER CHECK IT OUT. how dare he erase the fourth wall like this. but then we cut to two poachers just strollin along and theres nothing. what a waste of ammo.
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    the movie opens with several shots of The Forest as we hear woody snoring and hes snorin the Loudest of all time. we see inside his tree hes asleep and hes havin a wet dream about peanut butter. Gross as fuk
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    they said that this movie was only 84 minutes but my copy is 95!! wtf!!!
  5. tyler's Avatar
    please continue this series im sobbing
  6. Sam's Avatar
    lmao that futile and pathetic plug outlet
  7. comeau's Avatar
    maybe it's a Taco Bell bathroom. Hose your ass off after you take an explosive shit.
  8. comeau's Avatar
    that is a very good picture to ask "what is going on here?"
  9. tyler's Avatar
    nevermind this is good
  10. tyler's Avatar
    laughed out loud at this in my shed this afternoon
  11. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Needs a fresh update
  12. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I've changed my mind, I love this blog.
  13. Andre's Avatar
    O wait this is the 2nd one
  14. Andre's Avatar
    Good movie, love Frankie Muniz. Malcolm in the middle is goat
  15. The Goode Family's Avatar
    this crap movie ends with Bloopers and literally none of them are funny. however there is a guy in the credits named Travis Buttman. lol. hope u enjoyed these closing thoughts.
  16. The Goode Family's Avatar
    the company president appears and fires barry bostwick. then his former security guard drags him off. how embarrassing. then kevin gives a speech about how big fat liar was his game from the start. then footage of the game plays and even though it still looks like crap the packed house applauds like crazy. then his dad appears and is like I am so proud of u!!! even though he just lied like crazy and bankrupted the family.
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    barry bostwick chases kevin and they both wind up on the stage of the big fat liar release party where barry bostwick tackles him and shoos him off. then barry bostwick goes "im proud to announce BIG FAT LIAR!" and the screen instead plays Embarrassing footage of him like him running on the treadmill and him doin stretches with his pants off. barry bostwick starts freakin out on stage. then it plays footage of him admitting he stole big fat liar from earlier and kevin goes I EMAILED IT AS SOON AS I GOT IT SO EVEN THO MY PHONE WAS DESTROYED I STILL HAD IT!! why not just say The Cloud. this movie was definitely written in 2008 right.
  18. The Goode Family's Avatar

    fucking what? literally how did the car get in here? we saw barry bostwick enter it at his house which couldn't have been a simulation and he would surely notice being precisely dragged into this area. stupid copout movie ending. grr.
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    the limo driver pulls over and is like Ey Barry Bostwick give me my old job back. barry bostwick tells him to go fuck himself. so the limo driver gets out of the car and we see a train in the window barreling towards the car. barry bostwick is worried he's gonna die until kevin appears on a screen in the car and says barry bostwick should Tell The Truth or he will die. barry bostwick admits it and then kevin presses a button and the train freezes and it's revealed...
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    barry bostwick calls PENNY WISE and is like "u gotta call the cops this limo driver is trying to kill me." then penny wise is like YUP and then hangs up and goes Phase One is in progress. dont u just love when movie schemes say this. also barry bostwick is now wearing a fedora to cover up his hair what a neckbeard.