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    woody doesnt even try to put the fire even tho he has Much water by the lake. zero effort much!!
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    hilariously forced ET reference where woody goes YIKES and then it randomly cuts to a shot of the moon with him flying past in silhouette
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    after the show woody decides he actually loves omundson and omundsonson. he returns to their newly built home and pecks a portrait of them to show his love but accidentally pecks a wire and the house gets lit on fire. ono CONFLICT. well at least a burning house is more interesting than watching goobers sing the romantics
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    cant decide what the funnier moment is, when we see tommy do a completely awful solo and the camera does all these crazy cuts like a music video or when theres a woody drum solo and its clear they didnt even try to make his movements match up to the drum track.
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    woody appears and fills in on the Drums by whipping up some cans and pencils and somehow they sound exactly like regular drums because well i'm not going to be the guy yelling about the logic of Fake Drums in a kid's movie. but honestly this band sequence is hilarious, not only is the lipsync on Jill and Tommy fucking awful but the autotune is extremely apparent and plus woody's "drumming" is so cartoonishly overdone, like hes drumming like crazy every single second. also theyre singin WHAT I LIKE ABOUT U which is a stoneage song. they should instead sing Cover My Eyes by big smo which is a more modern tune for this redneck audience.
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    Tommy and Jills Band is about to play the festival but their drummer gets sick from eating too many hotdogs and bails. i smell shenanigans!!
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    we cut to a festival goin on where we get a joke where woody takes a shit on one of the poacher's chocolate ice cream. the poacher chomps on it and then goes MMM and eats all of it. fucking disgusting. making this scene into a shock site.
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    omundson eventually caves and reaches an agreement with woody that he'll leave omundson alone if omundson feeds him snacks every day. woody stops bothering omundson and the house gets built. hooray. unfortunately there's still like 30 minutes left TIME FOR FORCED 3RD ACT CONFLICT FOLKS *busts out vuvuzela*
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    the next day the poachers try and catch woody and end up getting outsmarted yet again. omundson gets Distraught and the ranger from earlier advises him to be nice to woody. woody is a wannabe serial killer i wouldnt follow this if i was him.
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    the next day Tommy Jill and The Other Dude sneak around in the forest and find the Poacher Pad. they get all sad at all the Poached Animals and then the poachers arrive and tell them to gtfo. surely this will not impact the plot at all and they will never come back. (i'm bad at predictions so maybe.)
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    next day omundson at some straunt meets with The Poachers under their guise of Pest Control and pays them $500 to get rid of woody. very glad the Poacher Arc is paying off. i was getting worried there.
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    omundson and tommy go to sleep on the Ground in sleeping bags but not before omundson gives a bizarre out of place speech about how Growing Up Is Hard. thank u omundson for this valuable wisdom i am glad woody woodpecker the movie is around to teach our children valuable lessons.
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    later we see omundson's gf has decided to bail on the operation and she rides off in a taxi. woody Wisecracks about how much she sucks and i dunno who this movie wants us to root for at this point. no one is likable!! critical Flaw if u ask this guy
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    after the montage omundson's gf is boiling something in the RV. woody goes in and blows out the flames when she isn't looking causing her to crank the Oven up until the RV literally bursts into flames. are you kidding me? woody is a fucking psychopath. hope the poachers shoot and kill him.
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    we then get a montage set to BIRD IS THE WORD where woody causes mayhem. fml
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    cut to TOMMY band practicing with jill and some other doof. woody arrives and they start jammin out BIRD IS THE WORD. :noosethink:
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    we get an incredibly brief scene with the poachers (remember them) where they stroll through the woods and then woody poops on their truck or something. aren't these guys supposed to be the main antagonists? pre weird that they've had a grand total of 2 minutes of screentime halfway into the movie.
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    the next day woody causes more mayhem at the construction site by knocking workers into cement and then using a concrete pump to pour cement into an open SUV sunroof where omundson and his gf are sitting. he lets it fill up like so high dude! guess he wants them legit murdered.
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    we get another Night Scene where woody breaks into omundson's trailer and drills him repeatedly with his beak in the head. omundson then goes outside where woody drops MANY pinecones on him. which surely doesnt hurt. just drill him until his head explodes.
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    tommy returns to omundson and the gf. he praises woody much to their disgust and says NO ONE IN TOWN LIKES THE HOUSE WE'RE BUILDING which how did he find that out. he talked to like 3 people and jill only mentioned that "everyones talkin about it"!!. did i miss something?