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    do it coward
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    I agree
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    öö ks
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    Nice interrobangs.
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    so yeah this movie massively sucks there are 0 likable characters and it's not funny and the plot is extremely stupid. luckily for u it was released directly to video and its a kids movie so you dont really have to care about it. so i guess in the end everything worked out. yay.
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    omundson turns out to have Insurance for the home so construction resumes. omundson also builds woody a birdhouse as a Truce. then later that night woody accidentally sends his birdhouse crashing into omundson's tent. omundson screem WOODY and woody does his famed Laff and flies off. the screen fades quickly and woody goes "looks like someones in a hurry for the credits" which is everyone because this movie is awful.
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    the hicks put bartlett and omundson in a cage but omundson knocks his cage over and opens woody's, allowing woody to pulverize the two hicks (even if theres a good chunk of seconds when omundson is freeing him that they could easily have tranquilized him but OK...) the hicks flee on an ATV and try to cross a bridge but woody chases after them and pecks through it causing them to fall into a river where they wash up and get arrested. yes these posts are getting long but im just tryin to finish the movie, forgive me!!
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    the hicks are holding a Black Market Internet Auction and are prepared to sell woody starting at $100k. tommy and jill and Drummer Boy break in but get caught and caged somehow lol. just as they're about to Shoot woody bartlett and omundson pull up. the hicks lie and say they let woody free but bartlett recognizes them as being Liars because of a candy wrapper that she finds around poached animals being present at the Shack too. omundson storms in and goes WHAT THE HELL U PUT MY SON IN A CAGE and one of the hicks punches him in the face and he gets KOd. lol payback for smacking your ex-gf bud
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    omundson goes kicking around in the rubble and discovers woody's drawing and then realizes out loud "woody, you weren't trying to burn the house down!!" well that sure was a slow burn
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    caged up woody spouts Courtroom Movie Quotes as tommy tells omundson not to let them take woody. why? in this case woody did something unquestionably bad. can we just get to the part where tommy breaks into the hicks' cage and frees him.
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    omundson gets the poachers to knock over woody's tree, taze him and then cage him. funny how instead of outsmarting them woody just stands there. almost like he's been dumbed down for the purpose of getting the movie's climax going :thonking:
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    the next morning we see omundson survey the damage and a fireman tells him "it appears a small animal is the cause of this fire". omundson loses his shit and starts freaking out about woody although tommy has his doubts. why dont u marry him bitch