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    Added another one due to new evidence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodlesoup
    I like Scott.
    thank you pal
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    I don't think we'll ever get a complete answer from him now that he's banned, but I have compiled a list of who he's mentioned as the good boarders.

    The Good Boarders According to Basil:

    - GatorGod
    - Sauna El Retro
    - Johnny Deformed
    - Jetthead
    - Basil Fawlty
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    Quote Originally Posted by Basil Fawlty
    fuck off user who is reading this post
    Who are the good boarders
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    Good one
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    I love this blog
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    please ask me if that 8 thousand hours was well spent
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    behind the scenes: This joke took 8,000 hours to write
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    don't propagate Dories (doris lies) in this blog thanks.
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    @Ryan-o, my friend! How you doing?
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    And torm, superstar historian and future Simpsons guest Doris Kearns Goodwin was born in 1943!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein
    RYAN! I indirectly inspired you to come back again!
    well I'm never coming back again then
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    RYAN! I indirectly inspired you to come back again!
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    hey man my coworker's name is doris and she's 24 so suck on that

    good liveblog tho
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    also, stuntman alan oliney gets credited twice. sloppy.
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    wow i wrote way too much about this thing, but i think it deserves it. this is a fucking baffling adaptation, nothing about it ever really suggests why instead of just playing it straight it went for this bizarre fourth-wall-breaking tale. the whole thing feels really awkward, like they're self-conscious or ashamed of their source material. ignoring the enigmatic aspect of turning these characters into self-aware joke machines the movie itself is a pretty meandering kid's comedy that's barely compelling. still though, i have to wonder why this turned out it did.
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    ok so i don't really get the final scene. bill cosby and a ton of other old dudes go to someone's gravestone, and it's marked ALBERT ROBERTSON. we get shots of the other old dudes and with each shot it fades to their counterpart character in fat albert's crew or something? hm. and then we see doris in the background, so i'm not sure if this is meant to crush the fourth wall or not. anyway with that the movie fuckin shows the title FAT ALBERT which is weird because it already did that at the beginning and fades out and is over.