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    I lov fifer pi
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    Still relevant to this day.
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    This is such a classic.
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    terrible bump
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    I would like to apologize for that ref. It is terrible.
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    You hipster
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    Quote Originally Posted by PATRICK WILSON
    wish i had a paramore cool shades like this guy
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    God I love this blog/that thread
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    a dick
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    hes lookin at the sun
    His eyes gonna burn !!!!

    its a good rym av btw
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    Does Bruno Mars is gay?
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    probably someday
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    his bottom 5 on the other hand probably goes like this

    1. Telso
    2. Insomnia, Jay
    3. BuyMyCereal, OldSchoolerSimpsons
    4. Kaos
    5. Vintage Pax