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    he's not here
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    2014 pkkao explain urself
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    No deal. OSS's garbage is the ultimate garbage; it's the garbage of garbage.

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    nice to see a loyal fan
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    unbelievably hyped
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    its 2:46 pm
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    Nah, the only year im looking forward is 2038
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    someone (telso) is jealous
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    You're way ahead, dumb bum
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    What a waterfall that chin is
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    it's what i do
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    Damn, you beat me to the punch with that comment.
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    rest in piss
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    Squirrels supposed to be cute

    Ah well lets forget ourselves in some other squirrel pics
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    this guy is definitely at least partially rodent
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    The fact that there was at least three persons called H. Cornelius Hackenberg in history is pre sad
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    what a hack