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  1. The Goode Family's Avatar
    kevin spaceys daughter cries and cheryl hines daughter takes a picture! what a fuckin Dick
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    ok so jennifer garner sees this JOSH fellow and it's revealed he's actually a realtor and all this talk about her "seeing" him was that she was leaving kevin spacey and buying a new house, not anything romantic! so kevin spacey cat is relieved, but wait, she was leaving him, that's still bad...? anyway she goes I Can't Leave Kevin Spacey, He Loves His Daughter As Evidenced By This Shitty Cat He Bought Her. uh ok.
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    next scene robbie amell tries to go in a conference room at HQ but some lady shuts him out. he then confronts Evil Ian and learns Evil Ian is selling the company. god damn i hate Evil Ian. hope he goes to jail.
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    before she can get in the car, kevin spacey cat hurls himself off the roof of the house, but lands on an awning and bounces harmlessly to the ground. he then leaps in the car while its doors are still open. wh.
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    jennifer garner gets another call from josh. josh is like Yo Come Meet Me. kevin spacey cat flips and grabs jennifer garner's car keys. jennifer garner threatens to cut the cat's dick off if he doesn't give her the keys. Dayum. kevin spacey cat hands over the keys and she leaves. Could This Be The End of a Loving Marriage??
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    ok so christopher walken shows up at the spacey home and talks with kevin spacey cat. kevin spacey cat is like Grr Get Me Outta Here. christopher walken again repeats You Gotta Think About What You've Done. walken is also like U Gotta Be A Cat. so we get a montage of cat kevin spacey doing cat things, like eating shitty cat food and crappin in a litterbox. good stuff.
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    back at the HQ robbie amell presents his plan to make the tower taller than the one in chicago. evil ian shits on him and shuts it down. FUCK evil ian hope he gets a crippling disease.
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    robbie amell is in the hospital talking to the comatose spacey. Evil Ian shows up and is like Yo Im Runnin This Shizzle Now. robbie amell is like Frick No You Aren't!!! but he actually is. hope Evil Ian crashes his car into a ditch or something.
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    ok so Kevin Spacey Cat tore up the yellow pages to make a trail to an ad about christopher walken. is this really necessary. just put the christopher walken ad where you know she'll see it. stupid kevin spacey cat.
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    ok next morning. jennifer garner goes downstairs to find that Kevin Spacey Cat has destroyed the yellow pages. she yells "REBECCA ALLISON BRAND, YOUR CAT DESTROYED THE YELLOW PAGES!!!" is this really worth a middle name drop. i mean really. it was the cat that you know is kind of a maniac that did it. put him in a cage next time. really jennifer garner this is your fault. beeyatch
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    cheryl hines mentions to jennifer garner Wow You've Been Seeing Josh Recently. kevin spacey cat Flips and pisses in cheryl hines' purse. who is josh though!!
  12. Exordium's Avatar
    forgot this movie existed.
  13. The Goode Family's Avatar
    cheryl hines' dogs chase kevin spacey cat. this scene is very pointless and adds nothing. all that happens is that cheryl hines' daughter goes up to kevin spacey's daughter and is like Lol Kevin Spacey is Definitely Gonna Die. wow what a bitch this 15 year old is.
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    for some reason kevin spacey cat is like MAN DO I WANT SOME FRUITY PEBBLES. and then he rips up abox of fruity pebbles or something and its hilarious. didnt expect fruity pebbles product placement in this, a movie from 2016. anyway robbie amell shows up at kevin spacey's house and is like I Need To Use His Office. so he does. then cheryl hines shows up and kevin spacey cats like GRR THAT WITCH. if kevin spacey hates her so much why does she keep showin up here? i mean im assumin she doesnt much like him either based on the roasting she keeps giving jennifer garner.
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    so the next day robbie amell (kevin spacey's son in this if you were wondering!) who works as an assistant at the company overhears Evil Ian goin like THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE COMPANY to some execs. what a dick capitalizing on kevin spaceys coma like this. hope he gets punched in the face at the end of this or something.
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    we see drunk kevin spacey cat take a leak on a rug. like you actually see the piss come out of him! can you get away with that in kids movies now!
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    kevin spacey cat somehow opens up a drink from the drinks cooler and gets smashed. wtf.
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    Kevin Spacey Cat keeps launching himself at a wall trying to open up a drinks cooler. why is jennifer garner letting this Wild Animal roam about in the house while she sleeps? put this fucker in a cage.
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    jennifer garner brings Kevin Spacey Cat home (remember they dont know its him!!) and Kevin Spacey Cat rushes into his office trying to use a pen to write a note saying IM KEVIN SPACEY HELP. obviously, as cats cannot use pens, hijinks ensue. why does he think this would help anyway. what are they going to do about him being in a coma?
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    christopher walken shows up in the hospital and starts talking to Kevin Spacey Cat. apparently christopher walken is a Cat Whisperer who is the only one who can understand Kevin Spacey Cat. christopher walken tells him that he has to reevaluate his life to get back into his comatose body, which bahahahaha. is this really the best they could do for a movie in 2016? thats like every movie ever. anyway.