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    kevin spacey cat slams into the ground, everything goes white... and then kevin spacey human wakes up. it's a miracle. too bad that kevin spacey cat is definitely a fucking pancake now. like how are they gonna explain that?
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    kevin spacey cat follows the security guards to the roof and then chases after robbie amell. they both jump and then theres a moment where they're both staring at each other and robbie amell pulls his parachute. wait... he had a parachute? so what was that whole melodramatic spiel about suicide for?
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    so the security guards see that robbie amell is on the roof and go YEA GET FIRE PEOPLE THERE over their radios. somehow this alerts everyone in the crowd outside watching the opening that he's there, and there's instantly a helicopter filming him. i guess you always gotta have that ready in case of suicide at building launches. amirightfellas.
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    kevin spacey cat enters the building through the mail slot and two security guards confront him. they're like We're Gonna Make A Viral Video, and one of them takes out his tazer and the other a camera. who the fuck would want to watch a viral video about a cat getting electrocuted by a security guard? that would get you fired, not go viral. anyway kevin spacey cat Maneuvers his way around them and because this is a comedy the security guard with a tazer tazes the other security guard LMAO. too bad its not ian getting tazed am i right fellas.
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    while that fuckin fuck nut ian is giving a speech, robbie amell is on an elevator to the top of the building. kevin spacey cat races out of the hospital and to the tower to stop him, but gets caught by one of that jackass ian's security guards. before the guard can toss kevin spacey cat in the dumpster (?), christopher walken appears out of nowhere and goes "oh you found my cat" and rescues him. but then christopher walken is like Actually, You Are Not Going To Live and dumps him in a mail slot. wtf christopher walken, i thought you were a bro.
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    robbie amell talks to kevin spacey's soon-to-be corpse and says I Failed To Make You Proud, But This Will Make You Proud. he then announces his plan to fucking JUMP OFF THE TALLEST TOWER TO HIS DEATH. jesus christ, what the hell? where did that come from? why is this movie suddenly talking about suicide? why is robbie amell suddenly fucking suicidal? nothing about his behavior indicated suicide. but uh, okay, let's see where this goes.
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    rebecca goes to the hospital where jennifer garner and robbie amell are and shes like MOM AND ROBBIE AMELL, THE CAT IS DAD. how did she know? all christopher walken did was be like . guess she's smart.
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    so amell is fired and he sees the tallest building that's opening TODAY wow. meanwhile kevin spacey is running out of time as his body is slowly dying. fuck man this is getting tense. WILL kevin spacey just be a cat forever. i dont really care i just hope ian goes to prison. FUCK u ian
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    rebecca goes to christopher walkens shop and is like This Cat Is Like My Dad. christopher walken is like just give it to her straight walken boy!
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    robbie amell confronts ian and ian is like Yo Dude, Get Off the Property. this smells like trouble for robbie amell. will he get out of this jam?
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    after ian throws kevin spacey cat to the ground, he hides in rebeccas bag as she leaves to go to school. this sounds like hijinks if you ask me, and i know a lot about hijinks.
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    ian gets attacked by kevin spacey cat. woo woo woo
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    the next morning that douchebag ian shows up at kevin spaceys house and is like Yo Jennifer Garner, Just So You Know, Tom Is Definitely Dead. what an asshole this ian is. i hate this guy, man oh man.
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    lol kevin spacey cat arrives home and watches jennifer garner strip. what a dirty perv.
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    Evil Ian is back in the hospital arguing with a nurse over whether to kill kevin spacey. this ian guy, he sucks.
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    so robbie amell goes to cheryl hines' house and roots through old documents of kevin spacey's. we learn that kevin spacey named his company FireBrand because kevin spacey's character's name is BRAND and when robbie amell's character was a boy, he drew a picture of kevin spacey on fire and labeled it FIREBRAND!!! what the fuck! who names a company like that, and who draws pictures of their dad on fire?
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    kevin spacey tips over a tower and it lands on a paper shredder revealing an incriminating document. robbie amell investigates after the noise and finds it!! shits gettin real boys. prepare for prison, Evil ian
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    kevin spacey cat sneaks into a meeting Evil Ian is having with some old bald guy. old bald guy is like Yo Ian We Gonna Make You President If Kevin Spacey Dies. hope kevin spacey doesnt die, because fuck ian!!
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    robbie amell comes home and is like I Gotta Look At Kevin Spaceys Files! kevin spacey cat learns of the shenanigans with Evil Ian and hides away in a box, which robbie amell brings to HQ unknowingly. kevin spacey cat then climbs out of the box and starts roaming around HQ. hope no one cares that a fuckin Ratty Ass Cat is in the HQ. how is he gonna get anywhere!
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    kevin spacey cat pisses on her phone or something. idk. whatever it is the picture doesnt get posted. What a good day