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    I probably need too rewatch season 19 but on my recent rewatch i found it pretty strong compared to the other post-season 16 seasons. It got some poor episodes but also a surprisling high amount of decent episodes for a post-season 16 season.

    I personally find the humor and plots more well-done in season 6 then 5 and it got more stand-outs.

    Season 9 does have several great episodes but also several weak episodes for the time that shows a notable decline compared to season 2-8. Atleast i rated it equal to 1.

    Season 10 is a pretty good season with several good episodes but it also got several bad episodes and the flaws of the following seasons are becoming a lot more apparent. One of the best post-classics but not even close to the classic seasons.

    Unlike others i donīt find season 11 very funny. The best jokes are more memorable then most Jean-era jokes but too much of the humor focus on stupid wacky gags (in a bad way) and unfunny Jerkass Homer moments.

    Season 12 is better then 11 but only because itīs funnier and has a higher amount of decent episodes it still got loads of flaws and plots arenīt much better.

    Again i donīt find season 13 bad. Itīs enjoyable like 10 but it got too much medicore crap too be up there with the classics.

    Yeah, i know you donīt like season 15 but iīm in the camp that consider it one of the best post-classics. Several enjoyable episodes. Some stinkers but the goods for the most part outnumber the bads.

    Season 22 is a season i need too rewatch. Thinking about it the stand-outs are probably not that good and there seem too be more stinkers then i remembered.
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    Season 1: I'd give it a 9 but at least you are not one of the people who dismiss it from the classic era.
    Season 2: My favorite season, but at least you still like it.
    Season 3: It's a overrated season in my opinion, but your grade is not that much different from mine (I gave it a 9.2).
    Season 4: Serves about right.
    Season 5: In my top 3 of seasons, but as soon as it's a 8 or higher, I'm satisfied.
    Season 6: Has some really fantastic episodes, but is no way better than season 5.
    Season 7: Close to my rating. Splendid season where the only minor letdowns are Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Lisa The Iconoclast and Homerpalooza.
    Season 8: Yep, it's a great season.
    Season 9: Certainly deserves higher than this, I love this season.
    Season 10: WHOA, a 6?! Jesus.
    Season 11: One of the most underrated seasons ever. It still amazes me how much hate it gets. The humor is absolutely fine!
    Season 12: Also stupidly lowly rated.
    Season 13: Well, this insinuates you at least find it as okay as season 10, but come on, it's not bad outside of a couple clunkers.
    Season 14: The last good season for me. I gave it a 7.8 (maybe 7.7 now) myself.
    Season 15: The first terrible season. Doesn't deserve anything higher than 5.
    Season 16: It's better than season 15 and its weak episodes are (for the most part) not as insulting. Pretty accurate rating.
    Season 17: I agree, this season is horrible.
    Season 18: Eh, I don't hate this season, it just doesn't stand out so much. I gave it a 6.
    Season 19: A very mixed bag, so 5 seems right.
    Season 20: It's too forgettable for me to give it lower than 5, but all right.
    Season 21: It's a hard season too rate. Some episodes are actually really good, but some episodes are really terrible.
    Season 22: Oh come on, don't tell me season 22 is better? Absolutely abhorrent.
    Season 23 & 24: Switch the ratings with each other and I agree. The two worst seasons of the show.
    Season 25: Haven't seen all of it, but sure as hell isn't very promising.

    I don't agree with many of these ratings, but I've seen worse opinions.
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    1. The Shining - I don't worship this segment as much as most people on here, but to be fair, I haven't read The Shining, so a lot of the references probably go over my head. Still a great segment though.
    2. Time And Punishment - Probably the funniest segment ever; easily a top 10 segment for me as well.
    3. The Devil And Homer Simpson - One of my favorite segments; also a top 10.
    4. Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace - Ditto.
    5. Citizen Kang - Ditto.
    6. Dial Z For Zombies - Meh, I'd say its closer to the middle of the classic era segments, but it is still very good.
    7. Hungry Are The Damned - Fun segment, but it's not the best.
    8. Nightmare Cafeteria - Great segment, although I'm not the biggest fan of the cop-out ending.
    9. Bad Dream House - Very good segment. I'd probably have it around 10th-15th place.
    10. The Raven - Aw, only 10th? Still, glad to see this included as one of your favorites. It's really brilliant if you understand it.
    11. The Monkeyīs Paw - Closer to the middle of the classic era for me, but I don't mind seeing it at #11.
    12. The Terror Of Tiny Toon - Certainly one of the best post-classic segments, although I wouldn't have it this far up.
    13. The Homega Man - The scenes where Homer is the last person on Earth are great; the segment goes downhill when the zombies show up.
    14. Attack Of The 50-Foot Eyesores - As much as I like the satire and concept behind this one, it's not one of my all-time favorites. Paul Anka's gratuitous appearance doesn't help either (I guess the fact that his appearance sort of satirizes lame celebrity endorsements helps). #14 is a good place for it.
    15. Homer3 - I'm a fan of it for all of its math references, but it's definitely an awesome segment behind the gimmick. A top 10 segment for me.
    16. Bart Simpsonīs Dracula - Really enjoy this segment; great blend of Halloween horror and laughs. Top 15, if not top 10 segment.
    17. Clown Without Pity - Ditto.
    18. Hell Topee - It's a creative, well-executed segment, but it's not outstanding.
    19. Fly VS Fly - Ditto.
    20. Send In The Clones - Hands-down, the best post-classic segment. Good to see it at #20, although I might even have it higher.
    21. Desperately Xeeking Xena - Scully did 15 THOH segments, so I think he deserves one that isn't related to horror. And he did a good job with this one.
    22. King Homer - It's very good. #15-20 for me.
    23. The Thing And I - Ditto.
    24. The Genesis Tub - Meh, closer to the bottom of the classic era segments for me. #24 is a good place for it.
    25. Terror At 5 1/2 Feet - I love this one: creative concept with excellent execution. Top 15.
    26. The Bart Zone - Very good. #15-20.
    27. Reaper Madness - Another one of the best post-classic segments; hilarious the whole way through. I'd have it even higher up.
    28. The Ned Zone - Ditto.
    29. Starship Poopers - Don't really like this one; it's a good concept, but the execution, complete with forced talk show appearance, leaves more to be desired.
    30. Stop The World I Want To Goof Off - Excellent post-classic segment. Deserves to be higher.
    31. House Of Whacks - The only good segment in an otherwise bad THOH. I might have it a little lower, but it's still good.
    32: If Only I Had A Brain - Pretty good. I'd have it higher up, even if it's not one of my all-time favorites.
    33. Itīs A Grand Pumpkin Millhouse - Pleasantly surprised to see this one on the list (I'd pick There's No Business Like Moe Business as the best post-season 16 one though) Great segment, even if the parody is kind of lazy, with the reusing of the music and plot.
    34. In The Belly Of The Boss - It's very good for the post-classic era, but probably lower for me.
    35. I Know What You Diddily Did - Filled with plot holes, but still entertaining.
    36. The Island Of Dr Hibbert - One of the best post-classics. It might be a top 30 segment for me.
    37. Hex And The City - Not really a fan of this one. It's essentially just Scully wackiness.
    38. Dial M For Murder - I assume this is the Hitchcock parody one from THOH XX. If so, yes, that's one of the best post-season 16 ones. Glad to see some XX love on here.
    39. Four Beheadings And A Funeral - I'm a big Sherlock Holmes fan, so this one is higher up there for me.
    40. I Know What You Diddily Did - Wasn't this #35?
    41. The Day The Earth Looked Stupid - Not really a fan of this one. Pretty boring for the most part.

    Overall, solid list, better than OSS's from a couple of days ago (sorry OSS). Good mix of the best from the classic era, the Scully era, and the early Jean era (with some good post-season 16 picks as well). Maybe I'll sit down and make one of these someday.
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    Solid ratings. I agree with the early Jean era over late Scully and 4, 6, and 7 being three of the best seasons. To nitpick, 19 seems a little too high, though; I mean, I like it more than most of the people on here, but it's definitely not the best post-16 season. Also, 20 is miles better than 22, and 24 is not my least favorite season.
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    Season 3 is close to a 10/10. Plenty of classics but it got a weak start for a classic season so i donīt rank it quite as high as 4 and 6.

    I find season 5 pretty overrated. Itīs excellent but i find itīs a lot more on the average side then season 6.
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    I think season 3 and 5 should be a 10/10 aswell. Atleast 3 is very close to it. For the rest it seems like some solid results.
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    Season 11 is more of a mixed bag smilar to 23. It has some good episodes including one of the best post-classics but half of it is made up of crap.

    Season 20 is pretty much forgettable mush through with the only "good" episodes being Gone Maggie Gone and Eeny Teeny Maya Moe.

    I donīt rate them too far apart from each other since they are still only a grade from each other so itīs not like season 20 is a massive improvement. Itīs still pretty bad. But i still think season 20 is the lesser of two evils for having far less stinkers and less annoying stuff.
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    Yeah, 11 should be higher than 20.
  9. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    Season 11: 3.5/10

    Season 20: 4/10
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    I'd say those ratings are mostly spot on
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    Where's If Only I Had A Brain?