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  1. Dogs On Streetview From Every Country #11: Turkey

    Today's episode features the first viewer submission of 2016 (actually submitted in 2015, but a temporary hiatus prevented it from being used until now). Thanks @ThatsAPaddlin!

    Well, enough prattling, let's see the dog:

    Wow! What a groovy canine. Let's get a better look:

    Amazing. Please be sure to send in more rockin' ...
  2. Dogs On Streetview From Every Country #10: Chile

    Hey everybody! Sorry it's been a couple days since the last episode of Dogs On Streetview From Every Country. We ran into a few technical issues.

    We're back now though, and ready to post some more adorable dogs. Like this one, coming all the way from the Atacama Region of Chile (or ecuador). Let's take a look:

    What a cute do-...wait a minute...zoom and/or enhance on that pup:

    Tags: chile, dog, streetview
  3. happy birthday

    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons View Post
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    See Homer Run is
    a fantastic episode, yo
    talking to you, Snospitmer

  4. burp

    [13:58] [Wwwheart] replace the car with a pussy (not a butt i ain't no poopoo pusher)
  5. chatbox classics 2016 episode 1

    with permission from @kaos (god rest his soul) we will now be providing some Precious Memories straight from the chatbox to ur blog doorstep

    our first episode comes to you from 6:05 PM on february 11th, 2015

    tormented: *puts on vintage pants*
    new episodes every quadrennium.