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    Stop making these kind of blogs please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Q. Einstein View Post
    Some would say: "childhood ruined!" Not me, though. I, personally, would not say any of that.

    Edit: this post was based off a joke in a pilot of some show John Swartzwelder wrote which thief quoted. And yeah I wouldn't say that.
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    still rings true today
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    how hard did you jerk off to that pic after that oss
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    mmm @parklife's pic
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    looks fine to me
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    @parklife Your image is broken.
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    Whoever 1 stared this thanks for ruining my comment
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    I have to agree with the Big Ammount of Dislike this blog gets !
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    Solid profile pic
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    h u m a n
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    I am, thank you @OldSchoolerSimpsons
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    welp sam time to give up the board
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    I 100% understand why this is a blog