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    You ainít a real fan unless youíve seen Stop! Or My Dog Will Shoot.
  2. Jerkass Homer's Avatar
    Okay episode from what i remember.
  3. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    Duck Season Eve am i right fellas xD
  4. Nitsy's Avatar
    All episodes I've seen:

    Who Shot Grampa's Hat?
  5. ataeaf's Avatar
    Naw, obviously One Coarse Meal (Season 7) is much better.
  6. 1010011010's Avatar
    Matt Groenings favorite episode.
  7. tyler's Avatar
    Ok but rate it???
  8. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    Only episode of the show worth watching anyway
  9. 1010011010's Avatar
    Randy bobandy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    ^Not worth it.

    Now, Grifty McGrift...there's a man whose posts I'd shell out money for.
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    Thanks I guess, even though I've been fairly inactive and more generic imo.
  15. Bart's treehouse's Avatar
    : prayinghandsemoji :
  16. Financial Panther's Avatar
    ^Not worth it.

    Now, @Grifty McGrift...there's a man whose posts I'd shell out money for.
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    I now will have to start charging people to see my posts on the board
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    i did what was asked of me losers
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    too obvious
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    No why did you do it. Sorry @Squeaky Voiced Teen