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  1. Comicshow MolemanBob's Avatar
    Show: "The Simpsons"
    Episode: "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace"
  2. Sam's Avatar
    what show is that from @The Spruce Moose
  3. Startug's Avatar
    It's probably the second worst Futurama episode I saw. Worst would be Yo Leela Leela.

    As for worst ever made... nah. That belongs to something that I would watch Yo Leela Leela on repeat over to avoid watching: Full English.
  4. The Spruce Moose's Avatar
  5. Sam's Avatar
    im parodying shawn
  6. tyler's Avatar
    what a useful blog
  7. Septimus Singus's Avatar
  8. Septimus Singus's Avatar
    ban evasion!
  9. Septimus Singus's Avatar
    course you are
  10. tyler's Avatar
    Handsome B. Badia..

    or Shaunwonderful

    where am i?
  11. tyler's Avatar
    i could believe it. all the dick-riding adds up. handsome has been dick-riding himself. giddy up.
  12. Shaunbadia's Avatar
    lol the fuck?
  13. Startug's Avatar
    just gonna come out and say it now

    i am @Handsome B. Wonderful of no homers fame
  14. shawn's Avatar
  15. Hommer for the Holidays's Avatar
    I guess he really WAS diverse...
  16. Septimus Singus's Avatar
  17. musa's Avatar
    I thought these two were seperate entities. I just have one question. Diversity said that he hated Family Guy season 1-3 but Handsome seems to promote it. How is this possible?
  18. Rembrandt Q. Einstein_1's Avatar
    I can't even tell if this is real or what.
  19. Johnny Deformed's Avatar
    Good for you.
  20. Septimus Singus's Avatar