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    may i do a cover version please : 3
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    this isnt cams peems
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    still thinking about this.
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    come to my place of residence and kick a hackysack into my face until im bleeding
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    im a social justice warlock

    i cast virtue signal for +1 superiority
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    ur a good guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam
    the problem is i don't say ridiculously retarded things like you round the clock

    that's more once a week for me
    so true
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    Man it took this long huh
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    what does this hungry lobster love to eat
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    Relatable x100
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    still thinking about this.
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    shut up r*t*rd
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    if i just said 'mental' or whatever you wouldn't have even bumped because of your insanely politically correct stance
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    Great blog
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    I endorse this blog
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    keep your political agendas out of my hand(s) thank you!!
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    i AGREE