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  1. Tier List Time - Season 7

    I meant to get around to making a second blog post on Sunday, but due to a lack of free time, I unfortunately couldn't get around to it. Last week I was considering doing a Top Five Musical Moments, but I decided against it, due to it... well, not being very interesting. I enjoyed writing up my top ten episodes blog post. I considered doing a 'Bottom Ten', but I think I need to watch more modern episodes in order to properly construct a list of which episodes I regard as truly dire.

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  2. My Top Ten Simpsons Episodes

    Well, well, well. This appears to be my first blog post. I have never really blogged before, and there isn't going to be any common theme running between my posts. It will probably be mainly Simpsons stuff, but who knows.

    For a long time I've had episodes which I've considered my favourite. However, until now, I have yet to compile a Top Ten. I didn't like the idea of trying to make a Top Ten, as there are so many episodes that ...