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  1. My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: An Attempt at Explaining My Grading Process

    I am close to finishing my re-watch of all of Season 16. When I do I will begin blogging about it in several parts and after that will have one extra part where I update my episode rankings by combining Season 15 and 16. In the meantime I got bored and decided to attempt an outline of what my episode grades actually mean and what criteria I actually grade episodes on. NOTE: Please keep in mind that these are VERY loose guidelines which I try to follow but should in no way be interpreted as definitive ...
  2. My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 15, Part 4 (Conclusion)

    19.The Regina Monologue - 3/5
    20.Diatribe of a Mad Housewife - 2.5/5
    21.My Big Fat Geek Wedding - 2.5/5
    22.Bart-Mangled Banner - 1.5/5

    The bottom four, and here at last we see a steep and sudden drop in quality. The Regina Monologue manages to get a 3/5, which according to my grading scale is average. Anything below this is at least below average. And to be below average in the post-classic era is almost unforgivable. It basically guarantees the episode is not ...
  3. My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 15, Part 3

    14.The Ziff Who Came to Dinner - 3.5/5
    15.Treehouse of Horror XIV - 3.5/5
    16.Today, I Am a Clown - 3.5/5
    17.Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore - 3.5/5
    18.Margical History Tour - 3.5/5

    We're continuing to see a drop in quality with Season 15 episodes but again, it isn't a steep and sudden drop. These next 5 episodes, while certainly not in the same league as the top 8 of this year, are all pretty close in quality to the previous 5. One or two little problems ...
  4. My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 15, Part 2

    9.The Wandering Juvie - 4/5
    10.Catch 'Em If You Can - 4/5
    11.Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays - 4/5
    12.The President Wore Pearls - 4/5
    13.My Mother the Carjacker - 4/5

    The next 5 episodes on my list are all rated a 4/5. However, what does a 4/5 grade mean exactly? Well, it means I found the episode's plot, jokes, and characterizations to be significantly above average for the era, but that the episode did not near ...
  5. My Simpsons Ultimate Episode Ratings and Rankings: Season 15, Part 1

    1.'Tis the Fifteenth Season - 5/5
    2.The Way We Weren't - 5/5
    3.Simple Simpson - 5/5
    4.I, D'oh-Bot - 4.5/5
    5.Fraudcast News - 4.5/5
    6.The Fat and the Furriest - 4.5/5
    7.Co-Dependent's Day - 4.5/5
    8.Smart and Smarter - 4.5/5

    The Top 8. Why 8? I decided that I would at least try to limit each part to two number grades at the most, unless that left me with only one or two episodes. So what can I say about these episodes? Well, first ...