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  1. A Diatribe about John Frink and Don Payne

    John Frink and Don Payne shouldn't have broken up. It's one of the reasons The Simpsons started to suck again after season 15. John Frink needs Don to translate his episodes into Simpson-esque farce, and Don needs John to make his episodes funny. I'll take a 'Bart wants what it wants' or 'Wandering Juvie' over 'Bart mangled banner' and 'The girl who slept to little' anytime. Everyone likes that 'Girl who slept too little' episode, and I don't understand it; it's a terrible episode.


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  2. An ugly drawing

    It's ugly. Very very ugly. That is not how Bugs Bunny is supposed to look, Bugs is supposed to look appealing, and he usually does. But not in this picture. What do you think?
  3. Mike Fontanelli animates on THOH IV

    One of the strangest animators on The Simpsons by far. Very expressive, but terribly mispreportioned.

    His eyes put Sarge Morton to shame.

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  4. MadDog Kirkland's Gruesome Threesome

    The annual Treehouse of horror specials are terror themed spectacles of horrific preportions. Which on is the scariest?

    This episode is truly evil. An evil awful abomination of, well, pardon the redundancy, but HORRIFIC PREPORTIONS. This episode does what none of the others were able to do, for whatever reason: place Sarge Morton, Chris Clements, AND James Purdum on the same list as eachother. ...

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