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  1. Sometimes Matt Nastuk makes good episodes

    I was pretty mean last time, saying that Nasty Matt pissed on his episode. I don't actually hate Matt Nastuk, just his terrible blandness. So, to make up for some of my rude behaviour, I'm gonna emphasize some of the good Nastuk has brought to The Simpsons. This is a very special episode, something I'm not gonna do very often.

    "The Debarted" has some of Matt Nastuk's best work as a director. There are lots of well plotted shots inside of cars.
  2. Straight ahead with Eric Keyes

    Eric Keyes has a neat sort of bug-eyed animation style, and it's most conspicuous when he draws the characters "head on".

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  3. Nasty Matt's 500th Fucktacular

    The 500th episode went to Nasty Matt Nastuk, and of course, he pissed all over it. It's awfully hard to get excited over an episode when it looks like THIS:

  4. Nostalgia and The Simpsons

    It seems everyone who writes an article about The Simpsons nowadays is making a big shit about how they think everyone who hates on modern Simpson episodes is biased by nostalgia. Well, if anyone is biased by nostalgia, it's the clowns who think the show is good! The past is painting their rose-colored glasses, so they can't see what the show has become. The Simpsons no longer has the attention to detail, realism, or structure that it used to, and that's very apparent in the contemporary episodes, ...
  5. There is no god; Nasty Matt Nastuk wins Annie awards.

    Not much more to say than that.
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    Congratulations on sucking everyone over with your blandness, buddy.
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