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  1. tyler's Avatar
    this is fuckin avant garde blogging. @Everyone look at this shit
  2. ThankYouComeAgain's Avatar
    This is a disgrace.Comparing one of my Fave Cartoons of My Childhood to the Scully Era.How could you Zartok?:(:(:(:(
  3. Sam's Avatar
    DHS makes me rage.
  4. zartok-35's Avatar
    My standards have increased since I started reading 'Dead Homer Society'
  5. Wavy Gravy's Avatar
    I actually liked most of Season 15 when it aired, but then, I also liked Seasons 13 and 14, and after viewing those on DVD ten years later, I realized how terrible they truly are. The same thing happened when I read Mike's Season 15 reviews. My standards for this show have increased since I was in high school, I guess.
  6. zartok-35's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic
    "Likely Looney, Mostly Merrie!"
    Steven Hartley is a friend of mine. He's doing a fine job, isn't he? I got him to join here, but he's only made 1 or 2 posts.
  7. Sam's Avatar
    Blog shouts us out in the newest one (Mangled Banner) stating we are extremely apologetic yet hate this one.
  8. Sonic's Avatar
    It's just like "Likely Looney, Mostly Merrie!" Awesome blog.
  9. Financial Panther's Avatar
    I don't care for the episode. Although I respect Marge and Homer's sexual needs, I find it terribly out of character that they'd go to an entirely different part of the country without even telling the kids simply for sex. I had no problem with Bart and Lisa trying to track them down.
  10. Shaunbadia's Avatar
    I think Catch em if you can is a fun episode but at the same time I found myself hating Bart and Lisa for t he most part, I know Marge and Homer shouldn't have abandoned them when they tracked them down the first time, but still.
  11. zartok-35's Avatar
    Everybody likes that episode for some reason. I guess it was alright, but I think it has serious characterization issues. For a Nasty Matt Nastuk episode, everyone thinks it has great animation, but they're just getting bowled over by that damn parody/montage thing.
  12. Sam's Avatar
    Love this site. The only good thing to come from me reading Dead Homers Society, was finding this guy in the comments of an article. Sometimes changes my views on episodes. But you know, he still hasn't phased me on 15. I still like it for the most part. Like his new review for Catch 'Em If You Can. He calls it possibly the worst episode of the series. I find it mildy good.
  13. zartok-35's Avatar
    Figure it out! It's not that complicated.
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  15. Dobbie's Avatar
    I'm scared of watching that video!
  16. Must Kill Moe's Avatar
    I didn't watch it to insult you.
  17. cinco's Avatar
    Wasn't this part of a series of redrawings based on lost cells, something Chuck did on a later age so it could be exhibited?
  18. cinco's Avatar
    Those train-drawings are beautiful.
  19. Financial Panther's Avatar
    I feel you, buddy. I'll have to spend more time with my *shudder* family.
  20. Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
    You'll survive
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