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  1. Of David Silverman and Tom Waits

    Because Tom Waits has finally guest starred on The Simpsons, now ought to be a good time to mention that David Silverman's first film credit is on an obscure short film from 1978, and it's about Tom Waits.

    Because the film was rotoscoped from live action, David can't get off with his usual wackiness here. I'd have to say the scene at 2:32 reminds me of his style.
  2. I used to like season 15...

    Then I went over and read "Me blog write good":
    This guy is going through and watching every episode of the show, and then he writes about them.
    He is very persuasive about the rising levels of dumbness. I don't know how I feel anymore.
  3. Slaughterhouse Express

    Tim Long isn't a very good writer, but he's good at coming up with gags about cows. The only good thing about the episode "Elementary school musical" is the cow joke. In the recent abomination season finale "Lisa goes gaga", there was a short scene featuring head banging cows riding the "Slaughterhouse Express"; probably the best part of the episode.

    Cows ...
  4. I'm not looking forward to the shutdown

    It will be boring then.
  5. Time for the Mike Scully song!

    Wacky wacky wack wack wacky wacky wacky wacky world.

    Here's what it looks like played over The Simpsons opening titles:

    And, this is what it looks like when the ending to the anime 'Demon king daimao' is set to Van Morrison's "Into the mystic", but that's beside the point.
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