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Any specific Simpsons season

  1. Maggie Simpson Moments of Season 22

  2. A second project? (For any Maggie Simpson fans)

    If there was a way to avoid copyright on YouTube, I would show everybody later, when it would be finished. (But I can't violate that!)

    I am planning on making a montage of my favorite Maggie Simpson moments I have seen so far. I am not shy, because I am pretty sure there are people besides me and Blobulle who enjoy her character.

    I do not know why I posted this. I am just relieved to be back from working.

    BTW, I have to re-download all the first eleven ...
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  3. The problem with HD Simpsons and/or Season 11 and beyond?

    I agree that the animation about 15 or so seasons back IS CLASSIC, but is it wrong to enjoy both the new AND older episodes/seasons?

    May I remind people that some children never grew up in the late 80's to enjoy Tracy Ullman (I am scared by the drawings in that show!) or the actual FOX premiere of The Simpsons from December of 1989. Also, I was born in early 1992, so I somehow enjoyed much of the Simpsons as I do today.

    Don't see this as a negative point of view, I ...

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  4. Just finished seasons 4 and 5!

    So now, I have finally watched the first eleven seasons of Simpsons...

    ...I am a freak.

    I never really took notes while watching the episodes for my top 30 list, so I have to hand-pick some episodes I enjoyed a lot and point out some moments in the show that I liked.

    Most of them are probably related to Maggie Simpson, but who cares if I am crazy for her character?

    I won't have much time for that though, my part-time job is what gets ...

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  5. Just watched seasons 1 through 3 already!

    My parents came back from their trip to North Dakota, and brought back seasons 1 to 5!

    So far, I only had time to watch seasons 1 to 3, what with the summer job I have.

    I don not know how to rip DVDs onto a non-DVD drive computer, so I have to do a text file of my top 30 episodes.

    I enjoyed the Tree House of Horror episodes a lot.
    The 2 Herb Powell episodes were great.
    Even though I already saw "Homer Alone" I would still like ...

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