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  1. A second project? (For any Maggie Simpson fans)

    If there was a way to avoid copyright on YouTube, I would show everybody later, when it would be finished. (But I can't violate that!)

    I am planning on making a montage of my favorite Maggie Simpson moments I have seen so far. I am not shy, because I am pretty sure there are people besides me and Blobulle who enjoy her character.

    I do not know why I posted this. I am just relieved to be back from working.

    BTW, I have to re-download all the first eleven ...
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  2. Just finished seasons 4 and 5!

    So now, I have finally watched the first eleven seasons of Simpsons...

    ...I am a freak.

    I never really took notes while watching the episodes for my top 30 list, so I have to hand-pick some episodes I enjoyed a lot and point out some moments in the show that I liked.

    Most of them are probably related to Maggie Simpson, but who cares if I am crazy for her character?

    I won't have much time for that though, my part-time job is what gets ...

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  3. Just watched seasons 1 through 3 already!

    My parents came back from their trip to North Dakota, and brought back seasons 1 to 5!

    So far, I only had time to watch seasons 1 to 3, what with the summer job I have.

    I don not know how to rip DVDs onto a non-DVD drive computer, so I have to do a text file of my top 30 episodes.

    I enjoyed the Tree House of Horror episodes a lot.
    The 2 Herb Powell episodes were great.
    Even though I already saw "Homer Alone" I would still like ...

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  4. Starting a Top 30 Simpsons episode list/video?

    NO, not happening yet.
    It is just a little side project when I get time.
    When I say "Top 30", I mean MY FAVORITES, so don't expect the top rated episode on the list.

    Like I said, it is a side project when I get time off my summer (or part-time whatever) job.

    I have not watched every single episode yet, I AM human after all.
    I only own season 6 to 11 on DVD still, I have yet to get the remaining DVD sets.

    Whether this will ...

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