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  1. TheNewestMoron's Avatar
    Where is the next episode
  2. JimmieTarma's Avatar
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  3. Sam's Avatar
    i dont know about u but im givin this blog a 22/22
  4. Andre's Avatar
    Good song, great even
  5. pilcrow's Avatar
    snapchat hotdog or gtfo
  6. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    I had died and am still dead
  7. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    I died
  8. Corgify's Avatar
    This blog doesn't just enrich the forum, it enriches the ozone layer as well.
  9. pax's Avatar
    Film the Tom Brady cover burning please
  10. Sam's Avatar
    interesting outcome. i also like the symbolism of the first picture saying Spoilers also meaning the Spoiling you do to the perfectly good car. very good series. subscribing to this
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    please continue this series
  12. Nitsy's Avatar
    I think you summed it up pretty well: " I like to question my own beliefs and I like to try and make others question their beliefs." If I get into an argument and find that my argument is faltering badly, then I know it needs refinement. A good argument will allow you to do that (improve your argument or alter your beliefs, if necessary). A bad argument will degenerate into mudslinging, and it's at that point that it ceases to be appealing for me.
  13. goodfella's Avatar
    whether or not 9/11 was carried out by our government(hint: it wasn't).
  14. Corgify's Avatar
    Or, at least, picking out things that are wrong with the other person's argument.
  15. comeau's Avatar
    fuckn disagree
  16. Sam's Avatar
    hate arguing. hence i hate this garbo blog
  17. comeau's Avatar
    funnily enough though while I like to argue and debate with folks I hated debate class in high school. go figure.
  18. 77-X-43's Avatar
  19. pax's Avatar
    Also, yeah, a shamrock shake would be funny too
  20. pax's Avatar
    Ooh ooh, put a chocolate bunny on your cat. That would make my day.
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