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    A milestone

    this is blog entry number 22. you know what that means, we get to rip on OldSchoolerSimpsons some more!

    nah im just fooling, it means this of course
    Youtube Video

    anything else for blog #22 would be plain stupid, the oss bashing will have to wait for another day.

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    I got a hot dog guy keyring

    he's a bigger wiener than trump

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    setting things on fire

    well my putting objects on my cat series is broken until i get off my lazy butt and fix all the photobucket links(seriously eat my asshole photobucket), so i'm starting a new blog series. so let's just jump on in shall we?

    today's subject is a toy car. this toy car to be exact(I didn't snap a before pic so I'm snagging one off google images):

    this here is a Johnny Lightening brand 1971 Pontiac GTO

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    why do people like to argue?

    let's be honest here, out of all the traits I have ever exhibited in my time on this board, one of my most pronounced is my eagerness to argue with people. have always liked to argue, I remember arguing with my little brother all the time as a kid, and I continue to this day as an adult to argue with people. once got into a several hour drunken debate with my former roommate over whether or not 9/11 was carried out by our government(hint: it wasn't).

    so why, why do I, or anyone

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    putting objects on my cat, ep. 6

    think she's happy to have this happy meal toy on her back

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