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  1. Walid's Avatar
    I'm not allowed to look for work until after the next level. Probably by the end of the year, early next year. I'm looking to finish the program as fast as I can.

    And t hanks d'ohmer, I think so too
  2. hutz's Avatar
    can't you get some part time work anywhere?
    I mean 5$couldn't even get you a lottery ticket where I live
  3. D'ohmer's Avatar
    Good for you man! I think you made the right choice.
  4. Robotics's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Financial Panther
    He's referring to the city of Holland, Michigan.
    even if so, he's probably not in the right position to be moving very far.
  5. Financial Panther's Avatar
    He's referring to the city of Holland, Michigan.
  6. Robotics's Avatar
    Going to Holland (or anywhere far, for that matter) just like that is a pretty ambitious and financially steep idea. You're definitely going to need to find a higher paying job and establish that position for a solid amount of time before you can move on to something bigger. Seriously; you've finally stepped out of the drug zone, but you've gotta build up patience.

    Remember this again; action and it's consequence. Have some foresight into your investments.
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  7. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    5 dollars a week?! That's a terrible wage!
    Nevertheless, how about you make it more comfortable where you are? Decorate your room nicely, buy a few movies to burn a few noons of boredom and just relax not having to think about much.
    I know it feels depressing for you to stay at the mission, but I'd recommend you give it another couple weeks before you try out anything. How much do you have, by the way?
    How much longer do you have to stay? If it's no more than a few months, then I say hold out.
    If it's longer than that, maybe near a year or more, then I'm not sure. I wish I could help you.
  8. Elliot76's Avatar
    You keep blowing money to move to new places thinking the grass will somehow be greener and it very unlikely will be.
    I'm not saying you should stay put because I don't know your exact predicament but I do remember the last time you moved after we all warned against it, you ended up regretting it.
    Why don't you keep that money that you've obviously worked for and the money you'd waste on finding another boring job in a different area that might only be slightly better and keep working on building it up until you can get a place of your own and start making some progress into getting financially stable.

    nevertheless, good job on the drug side of things.
  9. kupomog's Avatar
    Probably should just kinda stop thinking/talking about it so much if you really want to get over it for the long term.
  10. Sam's Avatar
    why do you want a bowl? are you tired of plates that aren't deep enough to put your food in?
  11. Walid's Avatar
    Chances are if I ever do smoke again, my paranoia will be off the charts and I'll stop after that. I just don't want my life to be so consumed by it like it was. Moderation, y'know.

    I'm actually not allowed to get a job till I'm farther into the program, I think either next level or the one after that. They give pocket money though, the level I'm at is supposed to get 5 a week, then the next 10, then 15, for doing work and chores and whatnot. Or so I've been told
  12. Insomnia's Avatar
    Get a job ya bum!
  13. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I'm with Ryan on this one. I would be happy if you managed to keep being weed-free for so long that you won't even feel like smoking it again. I don't get the fun with being stoned anyway, you take some goddamn plant to make you act like a goddamn fool. I think it's creepy just as with people getting too drunk; they just aren't themselves anymore.
  14. Ryan's Avatar
    you should probably stop smoking weed forever just saying
  15. Sam's Avatar
    good blog 10/10 blog i enjoy this blog
  16. Sam's Avatar
    smoke wed everyday :gatorweed:
  17. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    I'm proud of you, @Walid, good luck!
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    Stupid Idiot's legacy lives on.
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