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    I found this blog surprisingly interesting to read.
    It was almost too detailed for what it was, but I kind of enjoyed that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monster Snrub
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    (This band/artist} sucks
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    Good concept. Seems to be stuff you can take from your own experience. Like making hard decisions!
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    lyrics 2 song in my username
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    when I was in college, I took a journalism course which I needed as requirement for my major. Unfortunately I was taking too many credits that semester and ended up failing it after not showing up or handing in assignments. I really didn't like the idea of not only coming up with well-written news-worthy stories for the class but to have notable sources that I interviewed. Every week I had to have a new story as if it was a real newspaper and as the semester went on, it really wore down on me.

    so the next semester I took a similar course that sounded easier and ended up with the same professor (whose not a bad professor, just tough). even the same students from the last class were there. it was really embarrassing to do because the professor knew I failed the last class because of how many absences and the lack of assignments I handed in. I could barely look her in the eye. the class ran differently but was still just as demanding. it was bad though, because I was still falling into unhealthy patterns where I would literally drive the hour commute to school and then once I was there, I couldn't even leave the car, because the stress was beginning to set in. of course this caught up with me, and I failed this class too. I think I was depressed as well.

    so I had to take a third course, this time repeating the first course I took. this was last Fall and I remember dreading the first day because it was the SAME professor who was the only person teaching this class. It was like hell that I had to walk in there with my tail between my legs, because now the new students from the last class were in this class and you could tell they were speculating in their heads what happened to me last semester when I just disappeared from the course (not that it ever affected them).

    then the professor walks in and I can see looking through the corner of her eye at me as she's passing while withholding the nastiest expression as if "shit, here we go again". it was the most uncomfortable moment of many but it's not like I had a choice. I had to take the class, but I can already tell I was being judged as if I was here to waste her time. The worst part about it is I wasn't screwing around this time, but it's not like I was able to prove that in one stroke. I actually have to be there for the duration and put in the work, even if it's not my best work. I could still feel the doubt from my professor every day, which she was completely entitled to, because the last 2 semesters I would do okay for the first half or so of it, but then I ended up completely falling flat.

    anyway, long story long, I ended up passing with a C which was just what I needed. it was a hard course even when I tried, but I had to fail an entire course twice (having to pay for the course 3x) in order to get this credit. It was my personal hell, but I kept throwing myself into it and now I'm on the other side of it. Looking back I'm proud to have experienced it, because back then it really felt like I hit a dead end I would never escape from.
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    You can do it! If you're gotten good grades before, you can do it again. I believe in you!
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    Funny thing, I read Edgar Allan Poe's novella "The Black Cat" today and immediately thought of the theme of that one when I read the title.
    But anyway, sad to hear. I always feel painful whenever you deliver sad news and hope for the best you can continue to hold on.
    Sooner or later you'll be done will all of this. In the meantime, maybe you could try and become friends with the new guy? Trying never hurts.
    Good luck.
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    all people can be assholes. you can't go into this expecting the PR work of mascots in Disney World. I say stick with it and at least let us know what's happening after 3 months. Every time you feel discouraged, just sleep on it and I'm sure the next day will be more forgiving. That fear of being called on is anxiety which is GOOD and normal. Being out of college right now, I can't tell you how much I miss it. And don't think of studying the bible as some brainwashing exercise. You don't have to be religious in order to take anything away from the stories you're studying.

    congrats on your sobriety so far too, you have a lot more self-discipline than you probably thought
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    Religious people can be assholes... who knew
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    One of them was a fluke, for sure. I just don't have an interest and am not understanding the material. Every single day I'm worried that when he calls on me for an answer to a question on that night's homework, I'll be wrong. In fact, most of the time I am. And it's not like I'm not reading the chapters I'm supposed to be either.

    And nope, he doesn't offer retakes. One and you're done
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    If you got a 95 on the first test, then I'm sure the second time was just a fluke.

    Surely you can retake it?
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    thanks ryan!

    lionelhutz, i run a little bit and i lift a little. gonna start working on my legs soon
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    do you run at the gym? I find that working on cardio can be very rewarding and it relieves a lot of stress
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    Good for you. Keep at it!
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    thanks, elliot

    thanks for the support lionelhutz. you're right, i do got this
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    keep at it man. you got this.
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    Holland, Michigan is where he grew up.
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    Super glad to hear this man.