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    Thank God you edited the comment. I was afraid you were serious at first.
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    sometimes kids need to be swatted. i mean, i hate children. fucking leeches. get a job.
    Updated 08-22-2015 at 01:23 PM by The Goode Family
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    That kid sounds annoying, but spanking isn't gonna do anything. How the hell can people beat their own kids? I don't understand it and am shocked over how it's still legal in the US.
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    Is he a biter?
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    it's not even his phone, he wants his mother's/Darin's phone to play games on.
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    agree w hutz. didn't help me at all that's for sure!

    tbh tho what offends me most abotu all this is that this four year old has a phone. like do kid shit man. eat a cookie and stare at the floor you spoiled turd
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    as someone who wasn't raised on corporal punishment I never saw the good in it
    stop spanking your kids everybody
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    he was told 10 minutes ago to stop asking and to start being nicer and asking more politely and he immediately said "WELL I WANT GAMES" so he got a spanking for not listening. and he's STILL CRYING. it's not even crying; he just sits and screams, sometimes at the top of his lungs. good lord the cops are gonna arrive thinking he's being beaten.
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    who's the cast?
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    It sounds very exciting. I encourage it!
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    Can I have home media rights?
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    if it's even a quarter as good as GIRL MEETS WORLD sign me up
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    Good luck, man! I know we haven't talked much lately, but I'm still your friend!
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    Sounds interesting.
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    glad someone caught on
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    one of the only wiz songs I enjoy, mostly due to the production. the oj and kush tape is p good too tho. most of his recent output is pretty laughable.
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    Skyler Jones= Skylark Jones

    oh yeah
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    Skyler is my middle name. I have never liked it.