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  1. let me be sentimental for a second

    yesterday i was looking through old text messages on my phone and came across the conversations i had with my dad

    among the highlights were him saying it "broke his heart" to know i had been at the mission, "if we knew you better you wouldn't be there," stuff like that.

    you know, he offered to let me stay with him and my step-siblings and step-mom and it was great at first

    but it was also hard because i wasn't used to living in a house ...
  2. never having kids

    holy shit this experience has taught me never have kids

    at least not till i'm ready

    so probably never

    as you guys may or may not know i live with darin, my best friend, and his wife. and their 4 year old{Well, her 4 year old...}.

    holy shit you guys i have honestly never seen a child so misbehaved.

    this is literally how everyday goes

    "mom? mom? mommy?"
    "I want games ...
  3. I'm Gonna Make A YouTube Series

    Anyone remember my "One Year" plot idea? I think I mentioned it on here before. Anyway, the idea of it was that it would run, one new episode every day, for a year. Every episode would be one day in the year of the characters.

    I initially wanted this to be on TV but this will take a lot of time(even on YouTube), but the idea is a comedy/drama. Episodes will continue off of each other, episodes will lead into others, callbacks/references/foreshadows. For instance, the first ...
  4. There's a Dude At the mission...

    ...whose name is Skyler Jones.
  5. I Review Music on my iPhone Volume #1- "When I'm Gone" by Wiz Khalifa

    I don't listen to a whole lot of music, but the music I do listen to is special to me. maybe I just like the tone of it, maybe I like the music itself, maybe the message... but I decided to do this today. I'm going to do one of these a day, sometimes skipping days every now and then because if I do these EVERYDAY i'm probably just going to get bored with it.

    Note #1- I've only got about 50 songs on my iPhone at this time. My friend gave me his old iPhone and getting songs takes a ...