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  1. Season 5

    Homer's Barbershop Quartet- A+
    Cape Feare- A+
    Homer Goes To College- A
    Rosebud- A
    THOH IV- B+
    Marge on the Lam- A
    Bart's Inner Child- B-
    Boy-Scoutz In the Hood- B
    The Last Temptation of Homer- B+
    $pringfield- B+/A-
    Homer the Vigilante- A
    Bart Gets Famous- A
    Homer and Apu- B
    Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy- B
    Deep Space Homer- A
    Homer Loves Flanders- B+
    Bart Gets an Elephant- A
    Burns' Heir- ...
  2. Season 4

    Kamp Krusty- A+
    A Streetcar Named Marge- A
    Homer the Heretic- A
    Lisa the Beauty Queen- B
    Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie- A
    Marge Gets a Job- B+
    New Kid on the Block- A+
    Mr. Plow- A+
    Lisa's First Word- A+
    Homer's Triple Bypass- A
    Marge Vs The Monorail- B+
    Selma's Choice- B-
    Brother From the Same Planet- B
    I Love Lisa- A+
    Duffless- A
    Last Exit To Springfield- A+
    So It's ...
  3. Season 3

    Stark Raving Dad- A+
    Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington- B
    When Flanders Failed- C+/B-
    Bart the Murderer- A+
    Homer Defined- B
    Like Father, Like Clown- B+
    THOH II- A
    Lisa's Pony- A+
    Saturdays of Thunder- A
    Flaming Moe's- A
    Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk- B
    I Married Marge- B
    Radio Bart- A+
    Lisa the Greek- A
    Homer Alone- B+/A-
    Bart the Lover- A+
    Homer at the Bat- A+
    Separate Vocations- A ...
  4. Season 2

    Bart Gets an F- A
    Simpson and Delilah- B
    Treehouse of Horror- B+/A-
    Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish- B
    Dancin' Homer- C
    Dead Putting Society- A
    Bart vs Thanksgiving- A+
    Bart the Daredevil- A+
    Itchy and Scratchy and Marge- A
    Bart Gets Hit By a Car- A+
    One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish- A
    The Way We Was- A
    Homer Vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment- B+/A-
    Principal Charming- B
    Oh ...
  5. Season 1

    Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire- B+
    Bart the Genius- A
    Homer's Odyssey- D
    There's No Disgrace Like Home- A
    Bart the General- A
    Moaning Lisa- C+/B-
    The Call of the Simpsons- B-
    The Telltale Head- B+
    Life on the Fast Lane- A
    Homer's night Out- D-
    The Crepes of Wrath- A
    Krusty Gets Busted- A
    Some Enchanted Evening- A