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    christinaity/religion does not = morality

    is what i want to scream at the religious fanatics in your country.
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    You ripped off handy wonder's punchline from the first hummans comic.
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    leave 'em wanting more...
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    Maybe that's the joke?
  8. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    And you like it because...?

    Characters you like?
    A good story?
    Nice cinematography?

    Seriously man, you can't just leave it at that. It makes for a bland blog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkaosboo
    another fine publication from the sadshack
    Saddyshack (not making fun of Walid, just coming up with a terrible pun)
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    another fine publication from the sadshack
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    You're a great guy. You asking for your isn't greedy. You shouldn't be sad.
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    You are too easily judging yourself. You are not even close to a terrible person.
    Of course you want your money if he promised you! Why be ashamed of that?
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    that's an emmy winner right there
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    got a script for ep 1

    [ext, THE PARK, aaron is walkin around w/ his hands in his pockets. he has writer's block and is looking around there for ideas]

    aaron: doo doo what to do today.

    [he sees a woman being robbed by a man in a ski mask]

    aaron: uh-oh i should really do something

    [he contemplates doing something or writing about this but then he runs behind an alley and buys some weed]

    aaron: mm weed
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    stealin ur idea tbh
  17. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    I see, I missed the word "original". You've got some good ideas.
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    the idea is he's just a bad guy who got tangled in a bunch of illegal stuff so he was ordered by the mob to be gunned down. a plot arc would be that his real body is unharmed and he goes on a search for it.

    I can't decide if he should be good or bad. thinking good would work
  20. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    Would Riley be like Bender or literally evil?