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  1. Favorite TV Shows #1- Breaking Bad

    Sup everyone. I'm bored as hell and can't go back to sleep{it's relatively early here} so I'm going to make a blog for each of my favorite TV Shows I have listed on my profile in my About Me section. I'm going to talk about the show and list reasons why I like it, in ways to try to persuade readers to watch 'em.

    This blog is specifically about, you guessed it, Breaking Bad. Oh how I love this show. There was a thread about new tv shows to get into, and someone mentioned they'd never ...
  2. My Work Ethic...

    ..Is really bad.

    When I first started working I made a rule to myself that, as long as I could walk, I could work. So, even if I was feeling REALLY shitty, if I could walk at all, I'd go in. This is just not the case anymore. I'm starting to feel bad.

    I called in yesterday for the sole fact of the matter being I didn't want to go to work. Can you blame me? It was cold as fuck, blowing snow... who in their right mind would want to go be outside pushing carts in shitty ...
  3. Should I Talk to my Work?

    OK, the past few weeks, I've had 40+ hours every week. Pretty much every day I worked was 8 hours. But, this week is like the first week it's below 40. It's like 34 and a half or something hours for the total week. Anyway, my friend brought up that I hadn't been going to work this week{today really is the first day I will have worked all week, not counting Sunday}, and I said I didn't care because of all the weeks I'd been getting so many hours. He tells me I should care and that I should request ...
  4. New Show with some familiar faces{coughJOEMILLERcough }

    I have a new show idea, tentatively titled "Comics". It's about a group of friends, some of whom are comedians, others are wanna-be comedians. There's:





    -Joe Miller




    And each one has something troubling them. Steve's addicted to drugs, particularly marijuana, and it has troubled his life for a long time. Every ...
  5. Guess Who's Back

    I'm going to be able to post more frequently again. Hooray. Happy 2014.