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    [QUOTE=Insomnia;bt12330]No I'm not an idiot.[/QUOTE]

    What about the gags in that episode makes them idiotic? It seems like the typical type of humor that the show is respected for.
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    The funniest jokes for me are the really stupid ones, like Homer mashing "Hammertime" into "HO mertime" in Behind the Laughter. Or Homer going "woobwoobwoob" on the floor at the end of Last Exit to Springfield. The political gags go way over my head oftentimes. That being said I still laugh a lot at modern episodes, but the really funny jokes are rarer these days.

    Also Skylark if you're interested in the production of a show I'd recommend The blog belongs to Chris Ledesma, music editor for The Simpsons, the same guy whose Twitter account gives us all sorts of inside info on the upcoming episodes. I thought it's really interesting.
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    Sounds good. Beats making "sup" and "nice weather" posts in the Lounge all day.
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    No I'm not an idiot.
  5. D'ohmer's Avatar
    You don't think the Oogle Google gags in the last episode were funny? I don't see how they were any less funny than the typical classic era gags.
  6. Insomnia's Avatar
    The newer writers probably laugh at everything so Jean is just like "fuck it, these idiots think it's funny so keep it in".
  7. Walid's Avatar
    I do at some of them, but some I barely do
  8. D'ohmer's Avatar
    I laugh a lot at the new episodes
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    I wouldn't worry about being the top poster by your five-year anniversary. You're a decent guy and I'd rather read meaningful posts from you than a bunch of short posts designed to get your post count up.

    Good luck with the book! I have trouble writing even short stories (1000-2000 words) and stretching them to be long enough, I don't ever see myself writing a novel. I'm all for plot and not as much for the little details that, I know, make a book good.

    I know how you feel with people who don't watch the show thinking it's stupid. One of my friends thought it was really stupid that I follow a show that has no overarcing storyline (i.e. each episode is independent) so avidly, as in watching almost all the episodes of it. It's hard to understand why the show's so great if you've never watched a episode before.
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    I love reading your blogs more than these "blogs" by Stupid Idiot and the other people who use blogs as an excuse to post bullshit on here. Good luck on writing your book!
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    You watch the Drew Carey version? You're missing out then, the older British version is hilarious as well. They're pretty easy to find on YouTube so I'd suggest giving those a try. Their humor is different than ours, but they do the same silly stuff that we do.

    Less recommended but also great is the really old radio version, I really liked the stupid way they'd recite the credits.
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    I've tried to get into this show, as in I watched a couple of episodes, but it never did it for me. I have to agree the acting is really good and the plots seem pretty intriguing, but I can't get into it for two reasons. First, I really don't like cliffhangers, no matter how well-done they are. I'd have to watch both episodes one after the other, because I hate thinking about cliffhangers for a whole week before part 2 comes up. Second, the show is pretty dark. I mean, it's a pretty far cry from The Simpsons, I don't really like shows with such an ambiguous atmosphere, I like really light sitcoms. I watch TV to relax, not to get more worried about TV characters.

    Besides, I don't have AMC, so it's hard to find episodes. Especially when you watch part 1 of a cliffhanger and can't find part 2 anywhere.
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    Don't be so hard on yourself. Your health should always come first. You still have time to show Darin that you can be diligent, and his job offer sounds like a good opportunity for you to not only earn some cash, but also to become a stronger person. If you can do this, you can do anything! :)
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    Kupomog- I never finished them because a friend was helping me with turbotax and when we got to the end we clicked "send card" and apparently they aren't doing cards this year and so my only other option is to open a bank account.

    Startug- Darin's told me a lot about the job and it does sound like hard work but it sounds doable he's thinking I wouldn't be able to handle it and he wants me to like show him I can.
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    You should definitely join Darin's Dad in house working. It's hard work, but it does pay off a lot better. Trust me. I would rather be working on houses than working in fast food.
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    People call in sick all the time when they are not. People need breaks.

    ...but you really need to get your ID, bro. I don't know how it is in your state but it's not a difficult process most anywhere else I can think of.

    Kinda surprised you were able to even do taxes without an ID.
  17. Startug's Avatar
    I think that you should get the insulation job with Darrin, but only if you actually need it. 34 hours is GREAT compared to the shit I was given.
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    Pretty much my autobiography
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    chronos, chronos, chronos, chronos, and that other guy
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    @iraq lobster, who are your top 5 awfulest members