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    I'm sorry no one has been commenting on these. I hope you can get to see your college.
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    Even when people screw me over, I usually forgive them. Maybe one day they'll do something good for me.

    Oh, so that's what "asl" means. I didn't know, so I disconnected when I saw that. Omegle is supposed to be good for some meaningful discussion, but the concept's flawed in that most users on there are horny teenagers. And that really sucks, because Omegle seems like a really good idea.

    Also, "tire trouble" means your mom is obviously a superhero. "Tire troubles" is her excuse to go into a phone booth and transform.
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    I liked Stupid Idiot's "balloon" blog better.

    In all seriousness, it's really great that you're going to college. I think you've made the right choice. Good luck with college, and hope you have fun there!
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    Honestly, nowadays the only reason I would tell someone to go to college early is because it's only going to get more and more impossible to afford without loans, grants, scholarships, etc. which is why it's harder later when someone has had a working life and potential family, they no longer benefit from a lot of financial aid. But I would hardly deem it necessary to do straight out of high's all down to the person and their ambition, goals, and plans. A community college is at least possible out of pocket in some places still. Go there first as they have less strict requirements to enroll, choose liberal arts if you have no general idea for a major yet as it leaves you fairly open to choose courses. Earn your core credits and as many other transfer credits and hopefully the university you go to after that will take the credits and apply to the major you choose.
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    good for you man. I started off at the community college near me and it was definitely worth it, because it was cheap and once I earned the 2 year degree, it made it so much easier to transfer to a school that offered a bachelors. don't feel like you're behind or anything though. as long as you're in the progress of college, than you're not doing anything wrong. go at your own pace and I promise you will adjust. plus it is good that you have been recently working anyway, despite how crappy it was for you.
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    then season 4 is a good season
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    Yeah it is Season 4 of American Dad.
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    The point system sounds nothing less than retarded. That's all I have to say about that.

    I always put my cart back where they're supposed to go, I think that's just common courtesy. It doesn't cost you anything, and it can make someone else's life a whole lot easier. I see a lot of assholes who not only leave the cart next to their car, they leave it in the middle of a parking space so that nobody else can park there without moving the cart. Real smart guys.

    And sorry about losing your job, although judging by your description I should be congratulating you on getting fired. If you're just looking for a job for the money, I'm sure you'll be able to find one soon.
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    Lots of people only work for their shitty jobs and bosses because they need the money. But retail of any kind is mostly terrible unless you are a manager.

    Sorry you got fired, but now is the time to get the ball rolling on everything else you need to do and hopefully Darin's dad still has something for you. Leave that place behind and let this be a lesson learned...if you want money, you sometimes have to play the stupid game of bullshit jobs throw at you.
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    He's making a list, he's checking it twice,
    gonna fill you with lead whether naughty or nice, @Skylark Jones is gunning you down.

    Seriously though, I hope Darin's Dad can get you something, because anything sounds better than that awful place.
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    :facesmack: This is gonna end up like Columbine, I'm sure of it...
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    Sorry to hear about this, man. That fucking sucks. Hopefully you can find another job that isn't run by a bunch of tight-wad assholes.
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    wow thats lousy.Do you have unions in the USA to report this thing to? Ridiculous thing to fire you over.
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    I'm really sorry to hear this. Definitely don't try and get your job back. I think you'll be much happier working with Darin's dad, so try to as soon as possible.
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    Sure I'll give it a try. Can't guarantee I'll have time to read it when you're finished (stuff is getting busier now), but I'll try my best. My English teachers usually require that we read published books, not draft manuscripts. But I can probably write a "book" report on it and get away with it.
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    That sucks. Hope you can find another job.
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    That totally blows man.

    I understand the thing with being punished for a 1-2 minute tardy. One of my teachers has this really stupid tardy rule, where you not only have to be in the room when the bell rings, you have to have your ass in your chair. I get up to get a tissue/talk with a friend/ask teacher a question, the bell rings, and I'm tardy. Come in a couple of seconds late and I'm tardy, never mind a whole minute late. This is the worst when the teacher from the period before this one lets me out late, so I have like 2 minutes to run across the school.
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    R.I.P. Skylark's Job

    In all seriousness, I'm very sorry to hear about all this. And I agree with Startug - you should go and work with Darin's dad when you can.
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    Shit Joe, I am so sorry to hear all of this. I say fuck that company. They ruined you, so it's time to move on and work with Darin's dad whenever possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D'ohmer
    What about the gags in that episode makes them idiotic? It seems like the typical type of humor that the show is respected for.
    No it isn't.