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  1. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    i don't even mind HIMYM. arrested development is just so much better.
  2. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    I actually genuinely like How I Met Your Mother.

    And I still have yet to see Arrested Development, so until I do, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite of the two.
  3. Sam's Avatar
    no wendy. just. ugh. no.
  4. Walid's Avatar
    I'll get to that, I promise.
  5. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    arrested development<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<><<<<<<<<<<<how i met your mother
  6. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    arrested development>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>how i met your mother
  7. BrokenBox's Avatar
    does it start with a W and end with a E?
  8. pilcrow's Avatar
    Season 24 is pretty solid. Sure, there are some weak ones, but there are also some really good ones. Look forward to Hardly Kirk-ing, The Saga of Carl, The Day the Earth Stood Cool, and Dangers on a Train.

    The Mary Spuckler episodes are terrible, though.

    Finally, I think I know what website you're talking about. I go there to watch all the episodes too.
  9. Walid's Avatar
    I've already seen Love is a Many-Splintered thing, thankfully i don't have to endure that again
  10. D'ohmer's Avatar
    The only unwatchable episode from s24 is Love is a Many-Splintered thing. Penny Wiseguys and What Animated Women Want are mediocre. The rest is solid though, at least IMO.
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    If networks won't pick it up, you could still self-produce. That's the good thing about all the technological advances nowadays. The entire "One Year" idea could very well be a low-budget series on YouTube or something.

    I'm getting caught up on my Simpsons episodes too. Hopefully by the end of this season, I'll have watched every episode.
  12. pilcrow's Avatar
    Freelance writing is good, but if it were me, I'd still go to college, even it it means waiting until the next term. Without a college degree, not many people will take you that seriously, no matter how good your writing is. I'd say maybe wait until the next term and be prepared this time around. College is important; otherwise you'll be pushing carts around and writing never-published scripts all your life.
  13. pilcrow's Avatar
    Interesting idea to make a show in real time with continuity to the airdate. There are some practicality issues (and you listed a couple of them already), but if you can pull it off despite those, it would be pretty amazing.

    I've seen experimental shows like this on TV before. One that comes to mind was NBC's "The Million Second Quiz," which explored the idea of a game show going on even when the show isn't airing. Basically for 11 days, the game was played 24 hours a day. It was an interesting concept, but practicality issues made it so that I doubt it will air a second season. The live stream of the non-primetime game had maybe a couple thousand viewers, so chances are the ad fees didn't live up to the cost of keeping it running 24/7. It was a good try, though.
  14. Tromboon's Avatar
    Moment 22: "needs self esteem to work - must work to get self esteem". It's hard but work work work work.
    If it's hard to write, write the easiest/most obvious thing you can imagine, and go from there. If you do the easiest first thing all the time, you don't have to worry, right? and before you know it, what you do turns out great, it was easier than you thought, and you'll start to relish in challengin yourself.
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  15. Sam's Avatar
  16. Sam's Avatar
    my show idea about a testicle with a big ego called egotesticle is better
  17. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
    Get therapy.
  18. Sam's Avatar
    @joe miller goddammit. every. fucking. time, @joe. god fucking dammit, seriously.
  19. pilcrow's Avatar
    Good luck. Hopefully, the best is yet to come.
  20. D'ohmer's Avatar
    I'm so excited for you! You're gonna love college.