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  1. pilcrow's Avatar
    Good for you. The world needs more people like Drew.
  2. Walid's Avatar
    That it would, handsome. That it would
  3. Sam's Avatar
    Yesterday Can Suck It would make a good band name
  4. pilcrow's Avatar
    Congratulations. Hope you get a raise soon.
  5. kupomog's Avatar
    That's what my cousin started out as at Burger King. He's a line cook now, took him about a month to get to that position. He has a second job though to cover the wages (plus he has 4 kids to support).

    The funny thing is that everyone there pretty much knows he's a pot dealer (used to be ours) so they freely let him do/sell whatever, even to management sometimes.
  6. Startug's Avatar
    I don't think I'd give my job up for anything right now. Dishwashing isn't necessarily fun and it becomes tough work after a while, but it's not so bad. Still better than my job at Wendy's. Fuck working at that place.
  7. Walid's Avatar
    As long as I'm out of the house making some money I don't care how bad it sounds.

    Plus I know who I'd work with some nights, and he's a cool guy
  8. Startug's Avatar
    Good luck with that. Sounds like a really shitty job.
  9. Shaunbadia's Avatar
    Financial Panther's new usertitle
  10. Sam's Avatar
    Nazi Grammar Chef
  11. pilcrow's Avatar
    Going through high school myself right now, I've found that the only foolproof way to not have things like this happen is to not tell a soul about your secrets, because it gets out quick. One of my friends was caught texting a girl late at night, and days later the entire school thought they were going out or something. It was pretty stupid, and I think there was even a song written about them, but it eventually blew over. There are a couple of girls I like, but I haven't told a soul about it, and the secrets will probably go to my grave.

    It'd be a real shame if those girls did like me back and I didn't know it, though. I'm far from good-looking, and so far no girl has ever hit on me. One of these days...
  12. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    Maybe your school were really just lame romantics and were using humor to mask it. Even if some or most were trying to do it as a joke, I bet there were people that probably thought it would be cute if it turned out to be you and the girl.

    I remember in freshman year of high school, this rumor started that I went out with this girl who sat next to me in band and that we "did stuff". The truth was I barely ever talked to her though. I was really shy and insecure around her pretty much because I felt like she was out of my league. Then it turned out in senior year that she actually liked me back then, and all of a sudden everything made sense. Because of my insecurity and lack of confidence in myself, I could never see things from a third perspective that she clearly liked me and that most of that teasing and gossip was really just them trying to manipulate the situation. I dunno, you have to remember that everyone in high school is an idiot.
  13. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    if you start mad men, feel free to discuss or ask me questions as you go. the show doesnt spell itself out like other shows so I'd be happy to walk you through it (not that you won't be able to know what's going on). It will be a lot easier to appreciate though when you absorb each episode for what it is worth because each episode is layered in really compelling subtext which all kind of snowballs as you progress through the series.
  14. Sam's Avatar
    ah yes, darin. i know him well.
  15. Frightened Inmate No. 2's Avatar
    never met someone who loved arrested development after four episodes.
  16. Walid's Avatar
    Yea, it's dumb. I think, like lionelhutz suggested, I just wanted to know like the rest of the people watching; but, I've only seen a few episodes. I'm going to watch the rest of the show because I am still interested in seeing what happens, and even though I know, I'm still probably going to end up enjoying it. I like the friend aspect more anyway, how good friends Ted is with Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney... great friendships in TV always makes me happy to watch.

    Truthfully I started AD last night and up to episode 4. I'm enjoying it but I honestly don't think the show is right for me. I might resume watching after I finish HIMYM, or I might find something else. Maybe I'll turn to a drama next to make things different, almost all I watch is comedy
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  17. The Monorail's Avatar
    Arrested Development is a lot of funnier than HIMYM. It didn't run long enough to get too repetitive, unlike HIMYM. And all the fun ended when  Barney stopped banging everyone . Starting to watch Arrested Development is a good choice.
  18. Ryan's Avatar
    Skylark I could just tell you how the latest season of AD ends so you could just not watch it despite the enjoyment you'd get from it otherwise.
  19. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    I don't watch HIMYM but I don't understand why you would ruin it for yourself. You seem to do that a lot with shows from what I've read in other threads. Did you just want to be a part of the water cooler conversation for HIMYM's finale?

    No offense, but it just reminds me of my parents who watch the series finales of shows just because it's what everyone is talking about, even though they have only seen so much of a show. whether the finale is disappointing or not, you need to earn that ending man! Don't defeat the purpose for yourself.
  20. Ryan's Avatar
    Or you could just get over it and keep watching HIMYM