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    Good luck, man! If you ever need advice (don't know why you'd come to me for that though), you know where to find me!
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    Joe Miller: "Well, 30,000 posts. Mission accomplished. See yuh."
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    oh holy hell i forgot about that show. damn
  4. Insomnia's Avatar
    Hopefully it'll be as successful as "Robot Jones"
  5. Walid's Avatar
    the original name was robot randy but i found out there was an episode of courage the cowardly dog with that title
  6. pilcrow's Avatar
    Days of Future Future did it too.

    Still, this could be very interesting.
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    Sounds Cool. I might steal your idea
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    Wow, that sucks, man. Hope you can find a job soon.

    Last week my parents forgot to pick me up from an event. I was stuck sitting on the curb of a parking lot for four hours. Eventually I just went to sleep on the concrete. I finally got picked up at 1 in the morning. Reminds me of the beginning of Brother From the Same Planet.
  11. lionelhutz123's Avatar
    I think you mean: (seasons, not years). good overview

    also, I just want to say that as much as I love Breaking Bad, I have a tough time calling it my favorite drama. There's 3 other really ambitious, well-directed/written/acted dramas and that is The Sopranos, Mad Men, and The Wire. I couldn't tell you what order I'd put them in but between them and Breaking Bad, they are all very detailed, flawless shows. They all set out to prove different things than each other, but they pull it off beautifully. I can probably list 5-10 aspects that I think those 3 shows do better than Breaking Bad, but I can also say what Breaking Bad is more accomplished at as well. Overall, they're golden dramas and if you want to experience other quality shows, I'd definitely recommend those.
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    Everything well put.
  13. ohmygosh's Avatar
    the fact you find that funny says a lot about you
  14. King of Infinite Space's Avatar
    with any luck
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    hey, don't be so misogynistic
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    Skylark, your life is at its end. Farewell.
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    what a BITCH
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    There's this bitch I know...