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    It will pass. You will get over it.
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    Don't worry man.
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    I'm sorry man.

    Hope he led a great life. Happy birthday grandad walid
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    bye @walid
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    yeah sorry I dont believe this. seeya later joem
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    He'll be back...they always come back.
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    you've made this same post like three times dude! just sayin i'll believe it when i see it
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    .. What? ..NO!
    With all the flamers and cliques on this board, Your post brighten my day.. I can understand the need to focus on projects and prioritize .. but I'm super busy with multiple tasks as well.. but I always manage a post or two a day.. Maybe its just the holiday blahs getting you down? shake it off and come back.. otay?
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    Darn! And Only 3000 Posts Away From Being The Top Poster
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    hey man, I've sorta kept up to date with your situation, living problems and stuff and I have to say good luck

    gonna miss you around the place, you were always very active in gen discussion, in fact a little too active at times (lol) but if you honestly think that setting yourself a goal to not post on here with help you, then good on you. hope it works and you find yourself a good job and a decent accommodation, and that you get closer with your family and stuff.

    gonna miss you mate
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    why can't anybody just leave without making a big stink
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    Why is everyone leaving?
    Anyway, I'll miss you, one of the most active users ever.
    Updated 01-01-2016 at 08:35 AM by Egg
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    For good?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pax-o'-lantern
    Christianity is a cult
    There is a legit cult compound within walking distance of me and you do not know how angry it makes me to hear angsty teens spout this line. No, a major world religion you dislike and disagree with in no way meets the criteria for "cult".
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    It's the worst piece of shit ever made.

    Seriously, I can't see how even a Christian can defend it. I've never seen the likes of a more bigoted movie.
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    If you can't figure this blog post out then I'll help you. Does God's Not Dead ring a bell?
  18. The OSSist's Avatar
    I can't quite figure out what this blog means.
    You are an all right guy, but come on. Jesus.
    Updated 10-23-2015 at 04:55 AM by The OSSist
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    Isn't this essentially did?
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    edit: I was being an edgy idiot. Moving on...
    Updated 03-30-2017 at 03:58 PM by pax
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