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    You last three people have not explained why you find it better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromboon
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  5. Rembrandt Q. Einstein's Avatar
    hammster. It just sounds better to me.
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    hammster is so cute sounding
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    hammster because it's what you've been for a long time, and so i consider 'hamm' an abbreviation of it, and i don't like abbreviations taking the place of main names
  8. King of Infinite Space's Avatar

    Because it makes me think of Richard Gere.
  9. Financial Panther's Avatar
    Hammster, because it's actually a nice pun instead of just your last name.
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    eliot with harsh truth
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    the joke was funny
    then it was funnier
    then it plateaued
    now it is not funny

    this is overkill. hamm I thought you had good comedic timing.

  13. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Why do people parody everything I do nowadays?
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    what is wrong with you
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    great runner.
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    then follow the link
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    Embedding doesn't work for this video.
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    your best blog yet!


    edit: that wasn't sarcasm