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    What are you sad about?
  2. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Hope you're okay, hamm.
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    nice to see some long-retired members' blogs get some exposure one last time
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    Dont know this
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    True dat.
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    thats how bias starts every convo tbf
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    fun things happening in tinychat I see
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    Edit: ugh
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    does the word private not affect you mate
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    I was going to make first jobs so I will steal it.
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    late to the party but SECONDED
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    - maybe a thread about the wtf barack obama podcast
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkkao
    Someone needs to link me to/tell me about this epic Ryan/Jims fight I keep hearing about
    It starts on page 2 of this thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubsy3dfangirl
    S.S Antarctica x OC (Original Character)

    the fuck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jims
    I did enjoy doing the @Ryan ones too. It had eventually reached the point where the recordings were getting really long and Ryan's computer kept betraying him, so it made it difficult to keep going. Plus, we had that fight shortly after it. But just shooting the shit about stuff was fun.
    yeah the point when we had to retake a segment a third time I was just about fed up as well. I have windows, which is the exact opposite of an ideal system to record podcasts with.

    honestly right now I'm more interested in doing a theme park podcast because I'm literally hooked on them and they're all I listen to at work, but I have no idea where to start... it's a field that's been extremely mined already.
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    yeah bring em back, so i can be on one.
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    Woo Hoo go Pax!
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    You forgot Lelson and Nisa.
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    It wasn't even that epic. It was more of a blow-up, really, than an actual fight. We literally talked things out the following day.
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