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  1. The Goode Family's Avatar
    fuck u
  2. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    The Golden Girls rock too.
  3. OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
    Betty White rocks.
  4. kupomog's Avatar
    Yes, I miss the blades, too.
  5. Kiyosuki's Avatar
    Jesus Christ!
  6. pecken's Avatar
    i miss the blades
  7. kupomog's Avatar
    By the time the shortcut and shutters open I don't feel the need to use the park. It's technically faster but ... only sorta.
  8. Blake's Avatar
    She has been a bit overused, but she only has a few lines in the movie before she gets killed. MIB3's still gonna be amazing
  9. Steve's Avatar
    Only major problem I have with the convicts is that they respawn every day. But yeah usually they just keep ramming into trees and aren't a problem.
  10. kupomog's Avatar
    I love those Convicts. They ruin lives everywhere. Killing them is so much easier with...good weapons of any kind.

    Gotta plan my course of action so I can do all sorts of bad ass achievement nabbing in my 2.5 playthrough since I played almost half the game the first time.
  11. Steve's Avatar
    How DAAAARE you say that about the Uncharted games >:

    Dead Rising is such awesomely dumb fun. I still need to go back for the last four achievements. It's such a fun game to play for thirty minutes even if you have no objectives. Its sequel is .... I think, even better, if only because there are more zombies and more weapons to slaughter them with. And the map is bigger and less empty. I do miss DR1's Leisure Park though, I have to admit.

    Oh man those convicts.
  12. Steve's Avatar
    Pretty well written, for a goober anyway.

    Lords of Shadow looks like it'll be a cool game to pick up in six months for cheap.