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  1. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 2 "Madrigal" (part 2 of 2)


    Chao returns! Just like the fake Cosmo Kramer (junkyard man) from last episode, another character from season 3 makes a reappearance. Unfortunately because of the manipulative Lydia, waving money in front of a vulnerable hitman's face, Chao takes more than just a bullet to the hand this time. As brief as he has been around, he really is one of the better one-time characters, in my opinion. Other than that, I loved Mike's clever plan to throw hitman Chris off using Kaylee's ...
  2. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 2 "Madrigal" (part 1 of 2)

    I apologize for these "week later" reviews. My intention is to get them out quicker, but It's been difficult to find the time.

    What I've always loved about this show or really any good television show, is the attention to detail. The small, subtle aspects like tuco quickly mentioning his cousins are coming down to drive him, Walt, and Jesse to Mexico, only for those very same cousins to show up WAY later in the beginning of the next season, when you were lead to believe ...
  3. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1 "Live Free Or Die"

    I meant to post this sooner but I blew a circuit and lost internet connection when I plugged in an iron. Also, I had this done two days ago, but I had to retype the entire thing, because I clicked preview and it made me lose everything somehow. Hopefully this goes through.

    So, even though it's Friday now, I'm still overwhelmed with excitement from last Sunday's fifth season premiere. Last season's finale, "Face Off" left us off with so much to speculate. Where ...
  4. Me Foist BLOG

    Hello @NHC members!

    HUTZ here! I have been due for something like this for anybody interested in reading whatever the hell it is that I plan to talk about. I figure the only thing for a blog that grabs me is TELEVISION, and by that I mean it's the only topic I could see myself consistently writing about. Now whenever a show I like airs, I'll discuss it with friends if they're watching it too, and maybe post my critique or praise on the forums, but since I've been kind of slacking ...

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