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    like you, I flip-flop on the finale a lot. The night I watched it, I hated it. well, not 'hate', but I felt very underwhelmed. rewatched it the next day and liked it a bit more. it felt very fanservice-y in my eyes; things such as Todd being killed by Jesse and not the M60 for example. but I did like it and I was quite surprised by the ending. when Walt passed the gun to Jesse I looked at my friend and was like "Here we go!" because I had honestly speculated maybe Jesse would kill Walt.

    I remember reading somewhere where someone thought of the idea that Walt died before he activated the M60 and Jesse would use it on the Neo-Nazis and free himself, and I liked that, though I'm not sure how that could've been executed. Overall though I thought it was a nice finale. Took a little time getting used to it though
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    I guess search engine optimization or SEO as they call it. I was curious if it would make a difference since those seem like the most general things someone would put in google because I've been dabbling with the idea of making a wordpress page and I know the blog system on nhc is similar. But yeah, I haven't been all that familiar with how the tag system works, so I guess I should use different ones for each?
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    they're fine but i question the need for four tags that mean exactly the same thing and are posted on every entry
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    and I mean I don't NEED tags either but anyone who pretends their blog isn't for somebody out there is kidding themselves. just like how you advertise your blog on chatbox directly which there's nothing wrong with.
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    @Handzomb E. Dunderful I did that this month because I never bothered with tags. too pretentious?

    to be fair, I think the tag cloud itself is obnoxious. I didn't even consider it when I'd put the tags on the posts...
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    It was completely unexpected since throughout the season I was imagining something more similar to scarface, but I guess the science of it fits Walt's character better and at least it was original. It definitely was the farthest into crazy that the show has ever done though.

    I'm just imagining what the cops' reaction must be when they discover the machine gun still stirring back and forth with a bunch of dead neo-nazis inside. that would be the most bizarre thing to come across in a forensics report.
  8. Elliot76's Avatar
    Yeah I do agree, but the machine gun thing was a bit TOO much. The other things were more of a fourth wall nod (like Gus' tie fix) but the machine gun was grounded in reality completely but was the very first moment when I kind of did a mental double-take at how insane it was.
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    yeah I just chalk the Gus thing as one of those crazy horror stories you hear about in war or something. also did you guys know that the tie scene took 17 takes to do? there's a video on the exclusive bonus disc on the season 4 dvd of vince getting worried behind the camera after each take because he thought the scene was coming off too corny.

    I think the take they finally used is the perfect balance of surreal and believable (for the show's universe).
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    Yesh the gus tie thing was another very implausible occurrence, though the truth can be stretched a little for entertainment, even in the breaking bad universe. It was very fitting for the show. I'd like to think the machine gun scene would fit in that category aswell.
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    @Elliot74 I agree, its definitely far-fetched, but it does feel similar to other moments of suspension of disbelief like the explosion at Tuco's HQ, Gus walking out and fixing his tie after the explosion, the whole magnet heist, etc.

    it's definitely up for criticism, but the show has been known to be surreal every now and again.
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    @Swoony Yep! Although I had to finish a huge chunk of it today in order to do so.
  13. Elliot76's Avatar
    Loved this finale Great in every way except I have never been a fan of the machine gun car thing, seemed too much of a TV show action moment that Br Ba tried to usually stay away from.
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    You posted this on the one year anniversary of the finale. I'm assuming that was intentional?
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    I could have easily shown the andrea death scene for the video in this blog, but I thought it was too dark and sad to even display. some people are so wrapped up in fist-pumping for Heisenberg, that they are deluded from any possible sympathy for any of the other characters. that's humanity for you.

    I cant wait to write it!
  16. Walid's Avatar
    I remember reading comments about people laughing at the Andrea death scene because Jesse deserved it or something like that. Like, that scene was hard to watch, how is it funny? I hate people...

    I can't wait to read your review of the finale
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    yeah the comment section of youtube is pretty much the best tool to weed out some of the worst people. there's a lot of people who really have it out for jesse for being a rat.

    and thank you, it makes it worth it to finish this season of reviews.
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    todd shooting andrea was the hardest scene ever for me. jesse's reaction is so heartbreaking. it's surprising to me that there are people on youtube and probably elsewhere that think he deserved it because he knew of the potential consequences of trying to escape, but still. bums me out every time

    oh and i always enjoy reading anything breaking bad
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    I'm glad to hear that man. anything to offer a vicarious thrill.
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    Just to reply to your intro, I have been reading these periodically but not consistently. They're pretty interesting and I like hearing your reactions to some of my favourite moments of the show.
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