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Financial Panther

  1. What are your thoughts on the Mirkin era?

    As we all know, David Mirkin's seasons sacrificed the emotional core of many earlier seasons to make room for more wacky antics. Scully did the same thing, but I think Mirkin did it better because he didn't change the characters' personalities as drastically as Scully did. Still, it was a massive shift from the seasons preceding it, and a I know quite a few people didn't like the change. Personally, Mirkin is my favorite showrunner, as his comedy-above-all approach really worked for me. What are ...
  2. Bagel Wars IV: Donutopolis' Revenge

    It's been quite a while since I posted the last Bagel Wars installment, so here are the other three to provide a refresher.




    As the bagels continued to terrorize Donutopolis, Queen Éclair ...