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  1. Steve's Avatar
    Don't get any ideas Burnin'. Besides, you no longer know where I live.
  2. friendswithsalad's Avatar
    What about murder commited pre-signup?
  3. burnin''s Avatar
    does this apply to any murder or just murder of fellow board members?
  4. Blake's Avatar
    21 Jump Street!!!
  5. The Sovereign's Avatar
    hah, c u m
  6. Ralph_Wiggum's Avatar
    Ah, okay, that's quite convinient actually
  7. Dark Homer's Avatar
    The forum index will be arranged according to the popularity of the various letters in descending order, so it will go "e t a o i n s r h l d c u m f p g w y b v k x j q z."
  8. Ralph_Wiggum's Avatar
    This is...interesting..somewhat confusing. Will it be easy to navigate?
  9. jet's Avatar
    i'm in safari and i got the same thing
  10. keith stone's Avatar
    same here

    i dont want to go back to firefox
  11. Dark Homer's Avatar
    haha yeah
  12. kevin's Avatar
    are you using chrome? cuz they aren't loading for me either

    but it works in firefox

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