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    But the guff is the best stuff ever.
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    You aren't planning on getting rid of the guff, are you? C'mon Jamie! The Guff!
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    boarders gonna work it out
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    I doubt it
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    Were there already 91 that70sguys taken?
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    i think there sould be fee cuts for the wealthiest boarders. the money they save should trickle down to the poorer members of the site.
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    Well, I'd say that's an honor.
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    So, if paypal is accepted, who do I send payment to?
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    Whooo boy, sure am glad moderators are exempt from the fees. I made it in just in time!
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    All the information is in your monthly bill
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    Can I please see a full price list? How much is the blog feature?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo
    do you guys take mastercard?
    We take all major credit cards, with the exception of Visa.
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    Wait a second, I thought this turned out to be a joke.
    So, I ask, is this real, or is this just a joke gone way too far?
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    do you guys take mastercard?
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    What about attempted murder, accessory to murder, or conspiracy to commit murder? All those are still OK, right?
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    If I pay my $14.99 monthly fee, is this rule waived?
  20. mitch mitchell's Avatar
    even murder most foul?
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